How to Get Clear, Unblemished, Acne Free Skin Without Spending a Fortune

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This guide will help you to feel confident about your skin. And you barely have to spend a cent.

Acne and other skin conditions affect qite a few people these days. The way society has turned out, people also get quite self concious if their skin is not looking like they would like it to look. As you have probably seen on TV, there are many different acne treatements that you can get that will make your skin look perfectly clear. The problem? They cost a fortune. Then there is benzoyl peroxide treatement. This is not recommended as it ages the skin alot quicker, and if you are looking to get a tan, this treatement constantly peels your skin, leaving no room for a tan. So how do you do cure acne properly without spending a fortune? There are some easy steps that you need to follow.

1. Carry a bottle of water around with you every day everywhere you go. This is very important. Make sure you constantly sip the water, and refill it as soon as you run out. Water is one of the best, natural things to flush out impurities, including the stuff that blocks the pores and causes acne. Most people say to aim for two litres of water a day, but it is most effective for clearing out if you can drink as much as you can (no more than 14 litres a day for risk of internal damage).

2. Never touch your face......ever. If you touch your face, you are basically asking yourself, "Please, breakout! I want acne!" Which is not a good idea at all. If you ever really want to touch your face, for whatever reason, make sure your hands have been washed.

3. Try not to let anything else touch your face. Other items have oil on them too, which could possibly block your pores, and cause acne.

4. Don't eat fatty foods, and try and take a trip to the toilet at least once a day. This means eating fruit and vegetables. The more fatty and sugary stuff you have, the more likely you are to break out, so it's your choice. Sure you can give yourself a treat, but just think about the consequences.

5. Get a normal cleanser for your skin type. Not a "acne" cleanser, just a plain old cleanser. Now what? Follow the instructions on the cleanser? No! There are much more effective ways to clear out acne with just a normal cleanser (which tend to be cheaper). Now its better off to do this in private. First of all, fill a basin with steaming hot water, as hot as you can. Try not to let any steam escape, by putting a towel over it. The catch? You need to be under the towel. Let the steam go on your face for 3-5 minutes maximum. Now as soon as you let yourself out, it is vital to put on the cleanser as soon as possible. Wash the cleanser off with warm water and then splash it with cold water for a while. If it is possible, go for a quick swim. Why? Going for a swim, particulary in cold water will definately shut your perfectly clear pores for a while. These perfectly clear pores will not get acne for a very long time after that.

Hope this has helped you get really clear skin so that you can feel confident about yourself.