How to Get a Press Pass for Bloggers

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This article teaches bloggers how to get a press release so that they can cover news worthy events. This shows you how to get a press release online quickly and easily.

In the past, press passes were only for established, employed journalist and it was not given to those who wrote blogs. However, this has now changed, since growth of the Internet also included those who provided news through blogs and newsletters, bloggers have been able to obtain press passes that allow them to also get into concerts, events and sporting contests. They are now able to get the same privileges as journalist, as they are now recognized as serious writers.

There are several places that a blogger can go in order to obtain a press pass and write about events that are happening first-hand. For a blogger to get a press pass they must either be a staff writer for a company that gives them one or they must pay for the privilege to get one. Many state and law enforcement agencies provide people with press passes but they can be exceptionally hard to get, especially as many will not accept that a blogger can also be a professional journalist.

Nowadays, there are some companies that offer bloggers a chance to do real journalistic pieces by giving them an opportunity to purchase a press pass. Here are a few companies that do:

     • Cable Muse: This Company allows freelance writers and photographers to apply for membership with the company and to obtain a press pass that includes photo identification and they also will verify that you have the credentials to cover the story. They also provide you with a letter of introduction that you can give to the event coordinators as well as listing you on their site as a staff writer after you have written two consecutive articles for the cable muse website. To receive these benefits you will only need to pay the $65.00 per year membership fee.

     • Global Media Magazine: This Company also offers press credentials with verification for one year for a low fee of 79.95 which allows you to get a press pass to cover pertinent news.

     • International Press Association: This Company is usually for travel journalist and it offers work assignments for the members of the company. However, this company is very expensive as you will pay approximately $200-$250 per year to get your press pass.

     • International Federation of New Media: This Company helps bloggers to get a recognized press pass as well as membership in their company like so many professionals who use this company for press credentials. This company is also expensive as you will pay the one-time fee of $81 and a yearly fee of $58 to get started; however once you have gotten started you will only pay the low fee of $58 for each additional year.

While having a press pass can mean the difference of you writing stories from research or getting the story first hand, there is no guarantee that any press pass will get you into any event or show, it is usually the criteria of the place or person who is running the event. However do not get discouraged, by building a name for yourself and having high quality articles that you can show the event planners and managers, you will be able to get in and write that great story you always wanted to write.


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