How To Get A Job Interview Every Time Using Two Simple Tips

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There are two primary tips that can help an individual land a job interview every time. In order to land a job interview every time the applicant must be proactive and provide an eye-catching resume along with their application. Read on to discover exactl

In order to successfully acquire a job interview every time it is important to learn to use two quick tips. The job market is currently quite difficult to successfully navigate when seeking a job interview. In the halcyon days of yore all an interested individual had to do was acquire experience in a field or garner a four year college degree. They would be guaranteed a job interview every time they filled out an application. The current job market in almost all fields and industries is saturated with the desperate-to-be-employed. This means a great deal of competition for ever decreasing job opportunities. There is a simple method of acquiring a job interview every time you apply, however.

Tip One: Tell Them What They Want

One of the least known secrets about acquiring a job interview every time is that companies are not the entity hiring the applicant. The new applicant is chosen specifically because someone in the human resources department liked what they saw on a resume or application. A list of credentials a mile long will not guarantee a job interview every time, however. It is the upsell that guarantees a job interview every time. The interested applicant will need to tell the would-be hiring agent exactly why they should hire them for the open position. It is the same as selling a toasted in theory. Most people only have a general idea of what they want in a toaster. They may know they want a red one, or one that toasts more than one piece of bread. It is the salesman’s job to tell people what they want. The same is true when attempting to acquire a job interview every time. The applicant must grab the hiring agent's attention with their application or resume by citing reasons for hiring them. A well-polished resume will prove to be invaluable for job hunting purposes.

Write a well thought out cover letter detailing the experience and education that will be brought to table when they choose to hire you. Did you maintain a 98% client retention rate in your last job? Did you have a managerial position? Did you show up to work on time in a happy or upbeat manner every day? State these facts in bold and decisive ways that suggest that catch the eye. Dynamic words that sound professional, such as client retention rate, sound right to the ear and please the eye of an employer. Rework a resume to be bold and decisive. This will lead to a job interview every time.

Tip Two: Become Proactive

The truth is that acquiring a job interview every time will be an uphill struggle. There are a large number of applicants and few positions available in most instances. It is important to nudge destiny a bit. Apply online and attach a resume that is bold and decisive. Wait one week after applying. Walk into the office of the job that is desired. Ask whoever is available if they might check to see if the application and resume arrived in their system properly since you are uncertain of your internet connection and there was a page error when the application was sent. This may seem a bit dishonest; however it achieves the most desired result when attempting to acquire a job interview every time. Someone will have to look at the application and resume to make certain that it arrived. If no attempt is made to validate the application then that job has either already been filled or the company is not worthy of your services. 

Human beings are simplistic creatures in some respects. When there is an easier route many will take it to reach their destination with greater speed and efficiency. If the applicant created a dynamic and well-thought out resume then the moment human resources checks over the application it will catch the eye. The company needs to hire someone, and here in their very offices is a qualified candidate who exists and is ready to stand by their application. Why would they want to sift through five hundred qualified applicants when they might have a perfect candidate at the moment? This is the key to acquiring a job interview every time. In many instances the action of walking in to have the application verified will be all that is required to achieve an interview. Coincidentally, the applicant may wish to arrive on the scene wearing colors and dress apparel that match the uniform of the business. If it is an office environment then proper office attire may be the best route. When the interview starts casually let it slip that the current stop was a check-in and there were several more interviews scheduled for the day at other businesses. Make certain that you have done the appropriate homework and discovered the company's primary rivals in the area. Mention at least one of these rivals in a simplistic manner and proceed to be charming and competent. This will help make certain that acquiring a job interview every time turns into acquiring a job every time.

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Posted on Sep 14, 2012