How to Get a Girl to Stop Liking You

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Here’s a list of sure-fire ways to make even the clingiest women stop liking you.

Every guy is looking for Miss Right, and there are countless tips and tricks to follow to keep her in your life once you've found her. Laying eyes on the perfect girl can be a moment you'll remember for the rest of your life.

But what happens when a lady thinks you're Mr. Right and she's all kinds of wrong. Whether she’s unattractive, annoying, or just not your type, there are just some girls you’d rather not spend the rest of your life with (or the rest of tonight). Here’s a list of sure-fire ways to make even the clingiest women head in the other direction.

Ignore Her – No explanation needed; don’t pay any attention to her and she’ll have to leave eventually.

Call Her By The Wrong Name – Do this often and always be overly apologetic about it. Two or three complete misses (Jenna instead of Michelle) or repetitive close calls (Krista for Christie) should do the trick. Using this technique in front of her friends will provide extra impact.

Constantly Change Your Likable Qualities – Figure out what she likes most about you and switch it up daily. If she’s falling in love with your GQ style, show up in sweat pants and a tank top and act like nothing’s changed. If she can’t resist your puppy dog eyes, invest in ten to twelve pairs of sunglasses and wear them at all times. Maybe she loves your sense of humor. Become a depressed poet who only laughs at death.

Invite Female Friends to Join You – Most people don’t like being the third wheel, so make her feel like the fifth or sixth by inviting as many other girls as possible along on your dates.

Talk About Your Exes – Litter your conversation with details about past girlfriends. Make it a two-pronged approach: use elaborate compliments to explain the things you adored about past lovers while also passive aggressively bringing up things you hated about them (that this new girl will undoubtedly identify in herself).

Lie – Blatantly lie to her about everything in your relationship. Don’t worry about getting caught; you’re supposed to. Rarely do women want to be with men they can’t trust, so give her every reason in the world to believe you haven’t spoken a word of truth since you met.

Pursue Her Even More – This one is for risk-takers and experienced avoiders only. Text her constantly, show up everywhere you know she’ll be, send her flowers at work (with erotic or overly sentimental messages typed in large fonts), get to know her family and friends before she ever introduces you. If you’re able to lay it on thick enough, you just might scare her off. Again, this method is only for professionals and should be used with caution.

Experiment with these techniques. Utilize any or all of them to ensure that Miss Wrong gets the hint.


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