How to Foster a Good Relationship with Your Neighbours

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Getting along with your neighbours can make living where you do pleasurable. There are ways you can foster a good relationship

Getting on with your neighbours or not can make all the difference between enjoying living where you reside or experiencing a bad atmosphere every time you step outside your front door. When you first move to an address it’s unlikely that you’ll already know who lives next to you and what they are like. They may be wonderful neighbours who are a joy to live next door to, or end up as a daily reminder that you’d rather they didn't live so close.

There are ways you can get along with any neighbour who is reasonably affable. If they have anger issues, take drugs or alcohol or just don’t mix well you may have a job on your hands, but if they are average neighbours there are things you can do that will help set a tranquil, neighbourly scene.

Be polite

Greet your neighbours when you see them and smile. One reason why some neighbours take offence is that they don’t seem to be recognized. Even if you hurry, or struggle to get through your front door with heavy shopping at least shout hello if they are in their front garden or greet you first.

Consider their needs

You may not want a close relationship with your neighbours, and so not want to encourage them to communicate other than fleetingly. However if you know they are ill or in need of assistance of some kind be thoughtful and lend a hand. You may be grateful for a return favour someday.


You may want to socialize at home now and then, and doing so could involve playing music and having lots of people come to your home for a party. This is great. Everyone needs to let their hair down now and then and have some fun entertaining at home. However remember that your neighbours are possibly just a few feet away. Turn the volume of your music player down after 10pm, or encourage them to join you if you think they may like to.

A complaint neighbours often make can be that neighbouring gardens or the front of their neighbour’s house outside is an eyesore. Everyone has different standards when it comes being neat and tidy. What one person sees as creativity another may see as a mess. There are certain measures everyone can make when judging what’s okay in terms of the appearance of parts of their property that are on view to the general public though.

There is no written rule which says that you should keep your property spic and span, and doing so may not be to your taste. However do make an effort to throw away rubbish which could detract from the beauty of the area you live, and avoid leaving out food waste which could attract vermin to your neighbourhood.

It doesn't take much effort to be nice to your neighbours. Remembering to smile and be polite and considerate can help make living where you do a pleasure.