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How to Flip Items in Bulk and Make Money(feather and Log Method)

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A duide how to flip or merchant short term. Examples of feathers and maple logs.

Flipping items is a form or merchanting, and it usually is short term. I would start with around 75k-125k. First thing you want to do is use the grand exchange most traded webpage in the Runescape game guide section (http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_rs/top100.ws?list=0&scale=0). Choose one of the top 15; using feathers, logs, or runes is probably your best bet. Depending on the item, buy for 2-5 coins lower. So if I wanted to flip feathers and since the medium price is 13 gp, I would buy for 11 gp. I would buy the max (10k) for 110k, and when you have your feathers, sell for 12 gp each. See, since you bought 2 gp under, you can still sell 1 gp under, while making a profit of 10k. You might wonder why I only buy 10k at a time, that's because the 4 hour limit in the Grand Exchange prohibits buying more than 10k feathers in a 4 hour period, but if you buy 10k from the GE and then 10k from a friend, and you sell the whole 20k feathers in the GE, you can now buy 20k feathers, but this only lasts for 4 hours. After 4 hours it resets and goes back to only 10k. If you were to do this with logs, say maple logs, the max at one time is 25k of them. If you have more money, these are recommended. If you have around 2.2m, and since maple logs are 87 at medium, buy 25k of them 85 each for 2,125,000 or just over 2.1m. Sell them, at 86 or 87, and make a 25-50k profit each time. You could do maple logs with any amount of money though it is not quite as much of a profit, as shown

These transactions usually take no longer than 7-15minutes, and so depending how much you start with, you could make 50-200k+ an hour. The best way to start is with feathers, and once you get up to more cash like 500k, start doing the maple log method. You can experiment with different items, but use items people use a lot, so if you are a member, try using pure essence. Flax also works well and is usually faster than others. The best of luck to you!


Posted on Aug 4, 2012
Aileen Tecson
Posted on Apr 19, 2011

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