How to Fix, Clip-back Earrings, Post Earrings and Cuff Links

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To repair your silver or gold Cuff links, post-earrings, gold earrings, and novelty jewelry, you will need some jewelry tools. Spring tension in your earrings, and Cuff links is usually all that needs to be adjusted.

Clip-back earrings - The repair most often needed on a clip-back earring is adjustment of the tension in the clip. Tension is applied through a spring that is either a part of the back or set inside a sheath that is part of the back. Before working with the spring, try bending the neck. This is often all that need be done to adjust tension.

You will need a chain-nose pliers to adjust your clip-back earrings:

  1. The spring of an open-joint clip lies between two hinge pins, which hold the clip on the mount. To adjust spring, open one flange with pliers and slide clip out.
  2. Grip end of spring in pliers. Bend down to increase tension, up to decrease. To replace spring, insert hinge pins into flange holes and squeeze flanges together.

Post Earrings - When a post breaks, buy a new one for a few cents from a craft shop. Clip off the remnants of the old post and file the contact point smooth. Set new post into position to determine exact bonding point. Incorrect positioning will cause earring to hang off center. Apply epoxy compound to mount and to base of screw wire. Hold firmly together for a few minutes. Put the earring aside and let it dry for 20 minutes.

  • Grip neck of open-joint clip with pliers. To relax tension, bend back from mount; to tighten, bend forward. Bend neck of sheathed clip away from mount to loosen, towards it to tighten.

Adjusting spring tension in a pair of cuff links - When the spring in a rocker arm or swivel bar cuff link loses its tension, the cuff link will no longer stay in place. Pliers and a penknife can be used to put the cuff link quickly back into good working order.

You will need a small knife, darning needle, and a chain-nose pliers to adjust the spring tension in a pair of cuff links.

  1. Hold rocker arm firmly in your fingers with cover of shell facing up. Pry open one end flange with the point of the knife. This will release the cover.
  2. The thin strip of steel now exposed is the spring of the rocker arm. Lift up the end of the spring with the needle and shake spring onto working surface.
  3. Bend each end of the spring downward until the length of the spring forms an even curve. With ends still pointing down, drop the spring back into the shelf.
  4. Place the rocker arm over spring. Slide cover under closed flange; press firmly into place. Close open flange with pliers. Rocker arm should click when moved.

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Posted on Sep 1, 2011