How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone - Home Remedies

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A wet cell phone that has absorbed moisture can get seriously damaged and even make the mobile phone dead. Therefore, to deal with this problem, some easy home remedies can be used that will help you to dry out the wet cell phone and stop it from getting

You may be aware of the fact that moisture in cell phones can cause corrosion and even make your mobile phone dead. There are various probabilities that your phone may get wet easily, especially during monsoon. There may always be an accident when you may wet your phone by dropping it in a bucket of water or a puddle or anywhere there is water. Cell phone users who are addicted to their phones may even have more chance to drop it anywhere whether it be a swimming pool or a pond or the bathtub or just anywhere it can grab moisture and get wet. Hence, to some extent these kind of problems can be dealt by yourself at home using simple home remedies to fix your wet cell phone.

    Well, if you unfortunately drop your mobile phone in water, you should not run straight to your service centre to get it fixed or forget it and plan to buy a new cell phone. There are various ways you can attempt first to save your mobile phone, using some home remedies at your home.

      The first thing to do is to take your phone out of the water. If your phone is drowned in a bucket of water or a pool or anything, hurry up and get it out from there. Do not try to switch on your phone at any cost. Always take out the cell phone battery, the SIM card and all removable attachments like memory card, out of your cell phone. Removal of the SIM card can actually help you save your SIM card and the contacts saved in it.

      One home remedy for fixing wet cell phones that you may try is to place your cell phone, which is without the battery and SIM in a plastic bag which is filled with dry rice that is uncooked. This way the moisture content of the cell phone will get soaked and when the bag is kept in the sun, the water will also get evaporated.

      One may also try using silica gel to help fixing a wet cell phone. You can find silica gel packs inside cartoon boxes of electronic goods and appliances. You need to place the wet mobile phone with the silica gel in an airtight container and keep it for a while. This will help in getting rid of the moisture.

      Never use a heating device or a hair dryer to get rid of the moisture from the cell phone. This can be very dangerous for your phone and your phone may get damaged severely. Also make sure not to open up the cell phone and handle its various inner parts as these parts are very delicate and a small scratch or a crack can bring about great damages to the phone. Especially when the phone is very complex and of course expensive, the parts may be very complex therefore, one should not act like a technician at home, when you're not and fiddle with the complex materials of the phone.

      If your phone is wet with saline water due to dropping it in saline water, the first thing you need to do is to remove the battery and keep it in fresh water for sometimes. This helps to get rid of the salts. Then you may process with the various drying methods that is mentioned above. Always be cautious and take steps quick in case of saline water as the salty water may get dried up quickly and leave behind crystals of salt which may bring about more damage to your phone.

    These remedies are like first aid to your phone and should be applied first. In case these methods do not work, handling it with an expert service person would be the best option for you.

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Posted on Apr 6, 2012