How To Dress Your Window Boxes For Summer Without Using Plants

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Window boxes are pretty enough to stand on their own as architectural display elements. Fill them with the things of summer to create unique colorful displays that require no watering.

Don't have a green thumb but like the architectural look of window boxes? No problem. Tired of filling your window boxes each spring and then cleaning them out each fall? No problem.

Use your existing window boxes as a summer display area. Cut foam packaging material to fit the bottom half to two thirds of the window boxes so that you have a stable platform. Now choose a theme.

A very popular theme is a beach venue. Grab the kids and comb the beaches. Gather drift wood, dried seaweed, pretty rocks, dried starfish, and seashells. Pieces of fishnet and buoys are good finds. Drape the fishnet over the edges of the window boxes. Attach starfish and seashells to bamboo skewers with a glue gun to stick into the foam for height and visibility. Use the glue gun to attach dried seaweed to the driftwood for a natural display. A solar light stake becomes a beacon. Use a life preserver as a window wreath.

Another beach theme that incorporates bright summer colors into your window boxes is to decorate them with beach toys. A pail and shovel next to an inflated swim ring or beach ball is simple yet dynamic. You will need to glue them in place. An old doll holding a "Gone Fishing" sign sitting amongst colorful fishing gear is whimsical.

A gardener friend uses her window boxes to hold and display her collection of stacked colorful empty pots and hand tools. Plastic watering cans in assorted colors hold cut flowers.

A man up the street simply displays a collection of flags from different countries while another displays pinwheels with a hand-crafted whirligig in his window boxes.

Miniature birdhouses from the craft store can be displayed in window boxes. A small plant stand holds a shallow dish as a birdbath. Visiting birds make for a live window box display.

Decorate your window boxes as a patriotic statement. Use strings of red, white, and blue lights. A flag bunting can be hung from the window box supports. Pieces of PVC pipe can be painted to resemble rockets. Glue on a plastic funnel for the nose cone. Dress an old doll as Uncle Sam. Don't forget the American Flag!

Use your window boxes to display those chia pets or garden statues. Set up a fairy house craft project and butterfly box. Garden gnomes love to be the center of attention.

If your window boxes have seen better days, replace them with boards cut to your window size. Screw the boards in place on the window box brackets. Decorate your boards the same way you would a fireplace mantel or bookshelf. Glue on or screw in you display items. To change for the seasons, just replace with another board.

There is an endless supply of creative colorful ways to set up window box displays other than the customary plantings. Besides, you can always just add a potted plant or herb to your unique summer display.


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