How to Do Water Therapy

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Water Therapy is beneficial to your health and may also help you lose weight.

Water Therapy

What is Water Therapy?

Water therapy is the practice of drinking 1.5 liters of water early in the morning immediately after waking up, by doing this you are cleansing your body of the toxins and chemical build-up in your system.

Why 1.5 liters of water you ask?

The stomach is an empty muscular sac that can expand to hold up to about 1.5 liters of fluid, and 2 to 4 liters of food. Isn't that just amazing! Our stomach is a very tough organ!

Drinking 1.5 liters of water, to the fullest capacity of the stomach cleanses the intestines, stomach, blood and all organs revitalizing them and removing all water soluble toxins in the form of urine.

When the stomach is full with water, it will flow into the intestines cleansing its pathway. You will experience this in the first hour of your water therapy.

If you feel you are overweight, you may have to add 8 ounces more of water to your therapy.

Water therapy is best practiced immediately as you wake up in the morning, before you brush your teeth. For Water therapy to work effectively, it is best to not eat late at night nor consume any alcohol prior to the day of water therapy.

Some may not be very comfortable with the idea of drinking water without brushing teeth, if your mouth has a foul smell and you feel better washing your mouth before drinking then I suggest you do so.

But it is highly recommended to have no kind of chemical or flavored taste in your body before the water cleansing process or water therapy.

The quality of the water used for water therapy must be pure, or free of chemicals. One can use a water filter to help remove free radicals and other chemicals.

Remember, you want the water you will be consuming for therapy to be as pure as possible so your kidneys and whole system won't go through too much to filter out the extra impurities from your water.

As all living matters are part of the ecological cycle, in a very similar way our body undergoes a cycle of its own, every part of the body and our cells within work together to maintain this balance which is referred to as human homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the body's ability to maintain and regulate its internal stability due to any fluctuations from its surroundings. This would be a great example of how drinking cold water can contribute to weight loss.

Several studies have reported the positive effects of drinking cold water. One of them is increasing the body’s metabolism. When cold water is consumed, your body quickly reacts by using up calories to warm up the water to body temperature. The heating up process of the water involves the use of energy in which comes from calories. This ensues to calories burned. Cool huh?

Take note that if you have just started Water Therapy you may feel the urge to gag after filling your stomach with water, do not worry.

This is because your stomach is just now getting used to receiving a lot of water all at once, after doing it several times you will get used to it, and there will be no more gagging.

After drinking water, you can brush your teeth. It is important to wait for 1 hour before eating your breakfast, so that you give your body time to work with the water you've just consumed. You may however experience frequent urination within the first few hours.

Do not be alarmed by your trips to the restroom, this is the way your body expels soluble toxins, enzymatic chemicals, and other wastes so it's natural for your body to react this way. Besides urinating frequently you may also experience the easiness of having a bowel movement.

Keep in mind that even if you've just consumed 1.5 liters of water, it doesn't mean you don't need anymore water for the rest of the day. If ever you still feel thirsty throughout the day, this means your body needs to be hydrated. So please drink to satisfy your thirst.

Once you make Water Therapy a daily ritual in your life, after a week of practice your body will be accustomed to the new change and your frequent trips within the hour or so will subside.

At first practicing Water Therapy, I instantly felt rejuvenated knowing that my body was being cleansed. There were intermittent trips to the restroom for the first few days until my

body got immune to it. The more consistent you are with your Water Therapy, the faster you lose weight.

For a real booster to your metabolism, it helps to drink ice cold water for the water therapy. Drinking ice-cold water makes your body work harder and burn calories while trying to bring the temperature down to keep the activity level within your body balanced.

Water Therapy is commonly practiced in Japan and India. Many other people have shared their experience with water therapy and the positive impact it has on their healthy new lifestyle and weight loss.



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