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How to Do a Temporary Fix on an E-74 Red Ring of Death Xbox360 Console

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In this article, I go in depth on temporarily fixing an XBox that is having an E-74 error. This error can be bypassed by overheating the system, which is exactly the point of the Q-tip Trick for Xbox360 Red Ring of Death.

There are tons of ways to fix the Red Ring of Death on the xbox, and most do work, but will have some serious side effects later on. I will tell you now, this could have some side effects later on, but won't be as severe as a towel trick destroying your motherboard or something along those lines. The point of this trick, like the towel trick is to overheat the system, just like the towel trick. This trick is called the Q-tip trick, and it has proven the most effective of all the tricks if you ask me. In order to do this all you need is two q-tips. 

To start off, be sure your xbox is plugged in to power and also that the AV cable is plugged in. I also recommend taking out your Hard drive, but that's just because I'm paranoid about something happening to it. To start off, take your two Q-tips and take off the cotton on one end of both of the Q-tips. If you just read that a second time and had no idea what I meant, let me explain it like this: When you're done with this step you should have two Q-tips that have cotton on only one end and it looks like they can only be used once. That is probably the hardest part to understand in this whole guide, sorry if it's unclear, it's hard to describe it precisely. But nonetheless, we venture on! The next step is to put both of the Q-tips in the back of the Xbox console. Yea, I'm guessing you read that a few times over too...this is a lot easier to explain. When you look at the back of the console (The one with AV, Power, Ethernet, etc.) you will see what looks like a bunch of holes that are pointless, but really are for ventalation. If you shine a light into all these holes you will see blades of a fan. There are actually two fans in these holes. Here's the Q-tips come in use, what you need to do is stick the naked end (The side without the cotton on it) into each of these fans between the blades, to basically prevent the fans from spinning when turned on to overheat the Xbox. Good, you've completed the hardest part, hopefully the pictures below will help if you are stick struggling. 

Pull off the cotton indicated by the black square.

Hopefully you now understand what you're doing exactly. I realize you can't read the writing on the second image, it pretty much says Put a qtip in two of these holes in between the blades on the fans to block them from running. Now it's onto the waiting game!

Once you have put the Q-tips in correctly, turn on your xbox, and you should hear little clicks ever few seconds from the fans trying to spin but being stopped by the Q-tips. This is good and what you want to hear. It should take about five minutes for your one or three red lights to turn to two red lights, which is what we want. After those five minutes are up, or you see the two lights, unplug your Xbox console from power. I suggest you let it sit for five or ten minutes to cool down, as it is extremely hot. I tried this fix while I had the case off of it, and felt the heatsinks, man where they hot, I think I could have cooked some eggs or something on them. So seriously consider waiting to turn it on. Now that you have waited or not (Your choice), you can replug the console and turn it on, and BAM! it should be working! If not repeat the steps and wait longer. 

Now here is where you have to make a decision. I find it best to leave your Xbox on for a few days straight (Yes a few days, anyone who says this is bad is completely wrong). You also have the option of turning off your system in a few hours after you're done playing, but risk another RRoD. The first time I did this trick, I left my Xbox powered on for about 5 days because it would Red Ring every time I turned off and back on, and if you play a game that tends to freeze, it's a major pain having to wait another 15 minutes to play your xbox again. Another reason I left my on was because I would get these horrific black spots all over my screen that were often accompanied by several red lines going vertical across my screen. It was a hidious sight and leaving my Xbox on seems to have helped fix the the ANA/HANA chip. Don't call me an expert on repairing your Xbox, but this is what works for me. If you can't do this or just don't want to make this a hastle, considering investing in a Reflow and an X-Clamp. The reason I haven't X-Clamped is because a lot of people just can't get it to work. No matter what you do, I hope you are able to fix your Xbox one way or another.

Thank you for reading through the tutorial, and if you need any help at all, Email me, leave a comment, do whatever. I know having a Red Ring is a pain in the behind because I had it for the longest time, and I'd be happy to help out anybody seeking advice, but just be warned, I'm no expert, just your average person here to help and give down to earth assistance.  

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Posted on Nov 3, 2011

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