How to Decorate Your Room with Poems

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Poems could be fantastic decorations in your room if you know how to do it.

Poems could be fantastic decorations at home. If you know how to compose poems, the more it will be meaningful. Poems make for lovely decorations in any part of your house especially in the privacy of your room where you can paste or hang all your poems as you wish.

When I was younger, I have developed fondness of all types of arts. Though our house was only a simple wooden one, my sister and I always did some small renovations to make the house entertaining to our family and friends. The positions of things inside our house were never permanent because of my creative mind. There were all types of wall decors and some of them were poems that I framed with recycled materials from my father’s left over of his carpentry job.

Decorating the room with poetry is an exciting activity. It is a unique way of decorating a room. During my younger days I am fond of collecting proverbs, maxims and lines from famous people. I love poems too. I used to write them in big bold letters in card boards or linen paper then pasted them on the wall or stuck them on the table.

If you can write poems, this could be one of the best decorations to hang in your room. This has a personal touch that makes it unique. Write a poem in a linen paper then frame it. Make sure the theme would be uniform to make them look more attractive. After you have framed the poems that you wrote, hang them on the walls. Make sure not to crowd your walls because overcrowding will ruin the beauty of your decoration. If you wrote a lot of poems, do not frame all of them. Frame only a few. The others may be pasted on colorful linen papers and pasted in between the frames. But make sure the colors do not contradict too much because they will not look good. Select colors that match together and make sure the walls aren't too crowded. It is important to choose colors that could complement each other to make for harmony and coordination of colors in your wall. This will add to the beauty of your decoration.

Should you plan to decorate all the poems you have written, choose only the best ones to frame and hang on the wall. The rest could be framed and placed on top of your dresser or cabinets. Framed poems are sometimes better than pictures. Your friends or the members of the family can always have a look and they will read what you have written. Be proud of your work and display them where other people and your family could see them.

The advantage of decorating your room with your own poems is that you can save a lot of money at the same time you are expressing your own thoughts and taking advantage of them. Being resourceful and creative will give you much benefit.

Express yourself and compose your own poem then you can frame them and use them as room decoration.


Annette Palmer
Posted on Jul 14, 2011
Roberta Baxter
Posted on Jul 13, 2011