How To Deal With Your Own Mortality: The Fear Of Death

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Many people struggle with the fear of their own death, but it is something that we all must face someday, so it's a good idea to come to terms with it now, before you have to think about it when it happens, which by definition you don't. This article will

Everyone has to deal with their own mortality at some point, because nobody lives forever. The fear of death is perhaps the primary cause for religion, and belief in the afterlife. 

While religion may be comforting to some, even very religious people still have a strong fear of death, which is a natural instinct in every animal. 

First of all, death itself is neither a good thing, nor a bad thing, it's simply the lack of life, the lack of consciousness and experiences. If you had to say what happens when you die in a scientific way, your molecules simply disperse, and become part of other organisms. 

In this way, re-incarnation is proven, but the same thing also happens while you are alive. It is said that inside your body right now is at least one water or oxygen molecule that existed at one time inside the bodies of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Shakespeare, or any historical figure you care to name. 

The real question is whether your unique consciousness actually separates you from the rest of the world, and for that matter, the universe. 

Some people believe in the soul, as it is the primary part of a super-natural belief in the afterlife. If the soul exists, so your consciousness remains intact as it moves to the next realm, whether it be heaven, hell, or another living creature. 

The scientific explanation for that is that your brain is the source of your consciousness, and it is made up of 99% water, like the rest of you. 

Electrical impulses move through the brain's neural pathways and cause pain, pleasure, and an awareness of the world around you. When you are brain dead, this is simply impossible, or impossible in a scientific sense.

The fear of death

How To Deal With Your Mortality

Everyone has their own way of dealing with mortality, but I can only explain my own experiences. I am not afraid to go because I have this belief that everything is one thing, eternal energy, and the first law of thermodynamics says energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form. 

I am actually more afraid of living endless re-incarnations than of dying. By my scientific understanding of the universe, either this is the only universe, or there have been an infinite amount of similar universes caused by the same processes that caused this one in a big bang. 

The law of causality is every action has an equal and opposite reaction, which means that everything that happens had a previous cause, and that cause was itself an action which had a previous cause, and the chain goes on forever. 

Modern quantum physics seems to question this, and says that on a sub-atomic level, things can just happen at random, with no cause, but we cannot look far enough into the strings of energy to say that there wasn't a cause for any particular event, and technology is simply not good enough to give proof of anything in this complicated section of science. 

What we do know is that gravity is infinite in its reach, and it's more than likely that the universe cannot continue to expand forever, because there are limits to propulsion and momentum, but no limits to gravity. 

If the law of causality is right, and if Newtonian physics laws like what goes up must come down are right, then the universe is eternal, moving in a cycle of big bang to big crunch to big bang forever, or something similar. 

If un-proven quantum physics laws are right, that the big bang happened for no cause at all, and time had a beginning, then the universe may just continue to expand forever into the dark, cold, void of space, never forming life again.

Why am I talking about the universe when I am supposed to be talking about the fear of death? Because individual consciousness is just an illusion, you cannot scientifically say that it's anything else.

In reality, everything is one thing, and you are made up of the exact same molecules as every other living creature, even while you are alive.

For me, death is inevitable, but so is re-birth. It's an ongoing process, and I consider both to be neither good, nor bad. Life and death are both just a natural part of the cycle of the eternal universe, and because you have no perception of time during the periods where your molecules are not forming consciousness in a living brain, you are for all intensive purposes perpetually alive, at least that's what I believe.

Therefore the fear of death is pointless, you should be worried about the pain preceding death if anything, and that is why I support such things as euthanasia for terminally ill patients in severe pain. That's my view on how to deal with your own mortality. 

How to deal with your own mortality


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