How to Deal with a Teething Toddler

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Children do not usually behave badly for no reason. Watch their behaviour to try and find out what it is that's bothering them. Getting through teething and growth spurts can be the most difficult. If your child is moving their jaw around or sticking their lower jaw out they could be teething. Also watch to see if they begin chewing their toys or putting their hands in their mouths. When children are teething sometimes you can only tell by their behavior. It takes quite some time before we can see their teeth coming through.

The most difficult struggle parents seem to have is the frustration of feeling hopeless. Our children are freaking out and we cannot get them to calm down.

The best thing to do is to offer them anything you can to soothe them such as cold drinks, watermelon, peeled cucumbers, and popsicles. When toddlers are in pain they often have zero patience for bibs and are even more messy than usual. If your child enjoys baths skip steps and give them cold fruit and Popsicles in the tub. The warm bath will help to calm them down while the cool treats soothe their little mouths.

Its best to stop trying to achieve tasks around the house and give them your full attention. They are extremely needy when they are uncomfortable. Just grab some cozy blankets curl up and watch television with them. When they absolutely will not calm down it is a sign that they are overtired. Do not fight with them to lay down if they refuse to. Just close the door and remain within earshot. If they do not calm down and fall asleep within twenty minutes you can justify administering Tylenol.

Teething is a long haul so you should treat medication as a last resort. Its best not to constantly be medicating them. Sometimes toddlers get fevers when they are teething, in this case acetominophin is appropriate.

If you spend a lot of face time with you child they will go to bed more easily because they will not fight for your attention as much.

If you try to calm them by giving into their every whim while they are teething you will be creating a monster. If they get sassy just put them to bed. Since teething lasts for such a long period of time you should discipline them as you normally would.

Keep in mind that it is temporary and before long we will be wishing they were toddlers again!