How to Create a Harmonious Relationship with Your Colleagues

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How to create a harmonious relationship with your colleagues. Creating a harmonious relationship with your officemates.

Going to work with a cheery disposition is ideal. It is like starting your day with vibrancy that builds up to productivity towards the end of the day. Having a good harmonious relationship with your co-employees is a must. Not only it brings a good working environment, but it encourages better association as well.

In building a working relationship with your office mates, it is best to let your best foot forward, but without concealing the real you. Being true to everyone is just fair. Mingle with them professionally and socially when necessary.

Be approachable. Possessing an inviting personality, without being careless attracts people to come to you when they need some encouragement or guidance. Accommodating your co-workers, especially the newcomers, is a fine characteristic of a commendable employee. You don’t have to be Miss Congeniality to help your office mates. What it takes is just a simple gesture, if you are in the position to be of assistance.

If you think you may have offended a colleague, offer your apology at once. It does not hurt to say sorry when you have done or said something wrong. Admitting to it is more acceptable rather than appearing to be insensitive to others. Not to mention, it promotes professionalism.


Respect your office mates. Treating everybody with equal respect is an attribute to a smooth sailing working environment. Dealing with your workmates professionally is important. Position or ranking must not come into play to anyone’s advantage. Everybody is respected for the positions they held in the organization. It is fair to say that superiors do not have the right to degrade subordinates. Conversely, subordinates should treat their superiors with high regard. No matter what your position is, whether it is in the higher rank of managerial positions or down to being a messenger; respect must always be present.

Value each other's privacy. Everybody has his own life. You should know the bounds of decency when it comes to communicating with your colleagues. You may seem to be very eager to get to know your new office mate, but if the signs that he or she is not very forthcoming, do not force the issue. In any working environment, people with different characters and beliefs come together. The best way in dealing with it is by taking the cue. If an office mate seems to be enjoying your company, then go ahead and mingle. But if not, let the sign speak for itself.

Creating a harmonious relationship promotes better working environment that encourages growth and development amongst its employees. It further creates room for improvement and success. Needless to say, your company as a whole will have the potential to be in the business for the long haul.

Do Not Be Negative

Sometimes life can get us down or bad things happen to us all. Do not be overly negative at work and do not being your home problems to work or discuss problems. Even though you might have close friends at work, try not to be overly negative in your actions, attitude or your conversations at work. Your negative attitude can actually bring your coworkers down and that is usually not good.

Be Aware of Politics

Be very careful when talking about politics, even though some of your coworkers agree with your opinion, not all coworkers will, and it can be a slippery slope once the subject comes up. It is easy to slip into a conversation about politics if the conversation simply starts out with talk about the daily news events.


Posted on Dec 8, 2010
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Posted on Dec 1, 2010