How to Create a Chat Channel in World of Warcraft

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Instructions on how to create a private chat channel in World of Warcraft, and the WoW chat commands that can be used in it.

This article explains how to create a private chat channel in WoW (World of Warcraft) and list the various WoW chat commands you can use to moderate and protect your channel.

There are various chat channels in World of Warcraft; trade, guild, looking for group, general, party raid and so on. You and your friends can chat over a custom channel so that you don’t need to converse in whispers or in guild chat, without joining a group just to chat. It also means you can chat between more than 5 people without having to join a raid.

Sometimes there are just too many players for party chat - create a WoW chat channel to talk without joining a raid group

And sometimes there are just to many players around for a party to hold them all...

To create a World of Warcraft chat channel decide on a name for you private chat channel, for the sake of this exercise we’ll call ours “Privatechatchannel”. To create the channel type;

     /join Privatechatchannel

The /join commaned created the channel, and you’ll get a message something like;

     Joined 8: Privatechatchannel

The number allocated will depend on how many channels you are already a member of.

You need to be aware that if you have used a name for the private chat channel in WoW that is not completely unique you will be joining a channel that has been created by (and is possibly still in use by) a stranger. Don’t worry, you can protect your privacy from others by creating a password, but in the first instance it’s best to check that you aren’t hijacking another player’s channel.

You can check that this is definitely your channel by typing;

     /chatlist 8

The number would be the same as the one in the message you just recieved. If you are the owner of the channel then the chatlist command will show your character name will be shown with an “@” before it. If it doesn’t then it’s probably best to try a new channel name.

Once the channel is created your friends can join with you by typing

     /join Privatechatchannel

Or you (as moderator/owner of the channel can invite them by typing:

     /chatinvite Privatechatchannel <playername>

To send messages type forward slash followed by the number assigned to the channel

     /8 <insert leetspeak message here>

If you are the creator of the channel then you automatically have moderator rights over that channel and have the ability to use various chat commands.  As well as being able to invite people to the channel you can kick unwelcome visitors out of your channel, ban players from the channel, password protect it and make announcements.

To create a password type

     /password <channel> <password> or /pass <channel> <password>


      /ckick <channel> <player_name>

can be used to remove a player from the channel.

     /ban <channel> <player_name>

will ban a player fromt he channel and

     /unban <channel> <player_name>

will let them back in again.

You can give other players the capacity to moderate the channel, this will allow them to change passwords, kick and ban players so you may not wish to give everyone this right. Type;

    /mod <channel> <player_name>

To give someone moderation rights, and

     /unmod <channel> <player_name>

To take moderation rights away.

You can also pass ownership of the channel to another player by typing:

/owner <channel> <player_name>

To create an announcement (so people will see it when they join the channel type;

    /ann <channel> <annoying message goes here>

Finally to leave a channel you can type;

    /chatexit <channel>

Make sure you have the right channel listed if you use numbers, and always have a channel listed, typing just /chatexit without a channel name will make you leave ALL chat channels, which could get a little lonely!

making private chat channels in WoW can provide and escape from some players


Posted on Mar 26, 2012
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