How To Copy Xbox 360 Games To USB Flash Drive

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Are you looking for best way to copy Xbox 360 games to media storage drive effectively? Searching for easiest and safest method make exact duplicate copies of Xbox 360 games to USB drive? If yes, then you landed on to the right page. Here will share with

Can you copy Xbox 360 games to hard drive and carry your game with you? Is it possible to make backup Xbox 360 games to the USB drive? If you're fans of Xbox 360 that own huge collection of games such as Halo, War of Gear, Call Of Duty, Battlefield 3, and Ghost Recon, then you would be excited know there is an effective way to make copies of Xbox 360 games to the backup drive.

A USB flash drive is an amazing way to store game profile, gametag and let you access all your game save easily. The preconfiguration Xbox 360 USB drive equipped with plug-and-play 16GB memory that sufficient enough to transport your vital game data, gametags, avatars, map pack and game profiles to your friend's house with this easy carry flash drive. It has also come with 8GB storage memory flash drive for those who need less capacity usage. 

The Xbox360 Key drive is easy to use and no configuration or software installation needed.You just need to plug in the Xbox 360 drive to console and no soldering or modding required. The Xbox 360 Key is compatible for older version Xbox console such as Xbox 1 and Xbox slim with firmware update needed.

Follow below instructions on how to navigate Xbox 360 library store on USB flash drive:

  1. Connect in USB flash drive into USB port located front of your console
  2. Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Setting and select System Settings
  3. Select Storage or Memory
  4. Then, select USB storage Device.

Rather than having your Xbox 360 game disc got damaged and scratches during game play, now you can safely store your game library on a USB storage media and play copies Xbox 360 game right from your Xbox360 key drive. So, you don't need to spend huge amount of times and money to get a brand new alike game discs for replacement. It's definitely not cheap and worst nightmare for most of Xbox players who experience this situation.

Xbox 360 USB Flash Drive key feature includes:

  • Supports major system files including NTFS, EXT2/3/4 and Mac OS X Exntended
  • High speed USB 2 interface
  • Recovery mode enable which possible to recover from bad flash sectors
  • AP25 protection emulation
  • and more

If you're finding another method to copy Xbox 360 beside USB flash drive, then clone an Xbox 360 game disc to DVD is another surefire way to backup your games from damaged. With a professional Xbox 360 Game Copy Software, it provides easy one-click solution for copying Xbox game disc. It supports all major gaming console including Wii, PC games, PS2/PS3, Gamecube and Sega as well.