How To Cook Banana Cue

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Many people love Filipino delicacy. One of the most delicious and popular food of the Philippines is banana cue. This article explains the preparation for banana cue and its ingredients.

Banana Cue is one of the most favorite delicacies. It is oftenly sold in streets which people can't resist because aside from being delicious it is also nutritious. Selling Banana Cue can be a source of income but if you want it as a snack you can also make one by following the steps below:


  • Skewers
  • Green Bananas
  • Brown Sugars
  • 2 cups of oil
  • Deep pan
  1. Put ample enough of oil in the pan normally about 2 cups. As the oil heats up, add the 2 cups of brown sugar. You want to be able to dip the banana into the oil or be able to roll it several times in the hot concoction.
  2. If you can get your hands on Saba bananas, they work the best but for those that can't, regular bananas work just fine. Make sure the bananas are more on the green side or else they will be too mushy after they are cooked. Peel all bananas that you are planning on cooking.
  3. Carefully run a skewer into the middle of the banana. Once oil and brown sugar are to a boil, dip the banana into the liquid and roll several times. After you pull the hot banana out, roll in brown sugar again and then re-dip in liquid.
  4. Serve this caramelized delicacy hot or warm. It is great with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, too. You and your family are going to fall in love with this sugary sweet banana dessert.

It depends to you if you will serve the food or you can use it to have an income. 

Economics side

Normally, Banana cue is sold from PHP 10.00 to PHP 15.00. You can actually sell it for higher price depending on where you are selling it and to whom you are selling it. In public streets you can sell it with the referred price but if you will actually put up a business that includes banana cue you can actually change the price as long as your marketing strategy is good enough.

But, one tip from the law of demand which states that the higher the price of something the lower the demand it will get. Vice versa, the lower the price it has the higher the demand. Therefore, it is up to you on how much you will sell it. You can have an experiment on what price you sell the most wherein you profit the most. 


Gimpao Ni Ei Suuh
Posted on Dec 6, 2011
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Gimpao Ni Ei Suuh
Posted on Dec 5, 2011
Posted on Dec 5, 2011