How to Cook Acorn Squash

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Learning how to cook acorn squash is easy. It's versatile and lends itself to holiday cooking or your average home dinner. You'll be impressed with how easy acorn squash is to cook and want to serve it often.

Fall brings us an array of fruits and vegetables that we don’t get during the rest of the year. Among these are different varieties of squash plants. We’re probably all familiar with the different ways to cook yellow or summer squash. Many people are unsure how to cook acorn squash.

You can choose from two or three different cooking methods. With a little experimentation you can find the method that your family likes best. When you are learning how to cook an acorn squash you will soon find out just how easy it is to cook.

Baking is the best way to cook acorn squash. The microwave can be used but even the slightest amount of overcooking can make it tough. As with any fruit or vegetable you’ll want to wash and dry it first. Boiling will ruin the texture.

Cutting it apart.

Wash and dry the squash. You will get two servings for every one that you cut.

Acorn squash have a hard outer shell with soft pulp inside. To cook acorn squash you will have to cut it into two halves. Cut along the outer ridges instead of across them. Insert a knife at the base and move it toward the point of the acorn. Next, repeat on the other side until the two cuts meet at the point of the squash. Be sure to hold both the knife and the vegetable so that neither slips.

Inside the halves you will find a seed and pulp mixture that’s similar to a cantaloupe. This is easily scraped away with a spoon. Like sunflower and pumpkin seeds these can be roasted and added to salads or used for snacking. Otherwise, you won’t need them anymore.


Put the two halves face down on a baking dish or sturdy cooking sheet. When learning how to cook acorn squash it’s important to add a little water to the dish. This keeps it from drying out. About ¼ inch is enough to do it.

Cover the top of the entire pan or baking dish with aluminum foil. Slide it into a preheated 400 degree oven for about an hour. If the acorn squash does not have the softness of a baked potato, return it to the oven and check again in 15 minutes.

Note: Leaving it in too long is not usually a problem. One of the nicest things about how to cook acorn squash is that it’s almost impossible to overcook.

Topping it off

Remove the acorn squash when you are happy with the softness of the inside. Turn the halves over. Top them with butter or margarine and brown sugar, honey or heavy syrup. Serve while hot and enjoy.

See how easy it is to cook acorn squash? It goes well with turkey, ham or chicken or as a compliment to a green salad. The acorn squash is a good side choice for many holiday meals.


Gayle Crabtree
Posted on Nov 12, 2010
Jason Winters
Posted on Nov 12, 2010