How to Convince Parents That Are Being Unreasonable

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Parents are made for a good reason, but sometimes they can be extremely unreasonable. There are a couple of ways to deal with this

So many people talk about "Parenting", but what if the parents have got something wrong? Children are actually sometimes right, and not given enough freedom from their parents. So what do you do if this is happening to you?

Just remember, parents were made for a reason, they love you and care for you, and have more experience than you, chances are that they are right. You must be one hundred percent certain that you are doing what is right for you before you employ these tactics. For example, "I want to go to a party and get drunk" is not something that you should try and convince your parents into letting you do, because first of all it probably won't work and second it will not be for your own good. On the other hand "Can I please use my own money to buy a guitar and quit piano?" or "This year at school, I got so much study and it was really hard to fit in swimming lessons, I don't really like swimming, can I at least not do quite as much" (that one was pretty lame but you get the point) are good examples. They both have good reasons and are quite easy to back up.

1. Get your parents at a time when they are in a nice mood, sit down with them and ask them to take you seriously. Good example: "Mum I really want to learn guitar, I don't like piano anymore and I'll even pay for the guitar myself." Bad example: "I'm going to learn guitar"

2. If they still say no, try to make them see sense, ask them why they won't let you, think about their reasons. If they say "because I said so" that's not good enough. That is a parent getting drunk on their own power, don't take it.

3. Give them time to think about it then ask again.

4. If they're gonna play dirty, start to play dirty yourself. "Fine if you won't let me play guitar I'm not even going to try and learn piano".

5. Now they will start to take other priveleges away from you, now is time to go to people outside your family. It could be your friend, but you are more likely to have more luck with an adult because parents seem to listen to them more. Tell the person everything that's been going on, and how your parents are being unreasonable.

6. If they think the parents are right they probably are, and you should give up.

7. If that still doesn't work and you still want to get back at your parents, time to play really dirty.

8. First of all think about your rights. Don't do things that annoy your parents, rather don't do things. Stay up all night and if your parents come in and ask you what your doing, say "practicing guitar now so you don't see me doing it". Things like that can really get your parents to see that they're wrong for once.


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Posted on Jan 5, 2012
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Posted on Jan 5, 2012