How to Control Your Sexual Urges

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Do you know how to control your sexual urges? This is how to do it.

Sex has been in our lives since the beginning of life itself. You can see sex in our everyday lives. Now in the 21st century, sex has turned into a new direction. Lately, teenagers are having more sex than adults. Condoms are selling off the shelves in record time. Sex became an industry through film, television, music, and books. Everywhere is sex.

The way to control your sexual urges is by starting from the beginning. Every human begins to have sexual urges. Your hormones are rushing so hard, you can’t resist the thought of having sex. Then it reaches to the point where you want to do it at that very moment. Once you begin to feel those rushes, there are a few ways to control it. It’s that very moment where you know you have to do something.

1. Exercise Daily

This is a very complicated one. Exercise can either help you or make it even worse. As you begin to burn your body you can feel your hormones rushing harder than you expected. This is the test of self control. If you can control it no matter how hard you beg for it while exercising, handling things like cuddling won’t be a huge problem. When the bodies connect, you can look at the person and think about something more than just sex.

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brad foster
Posted on Jan 15, 2013