How to Change the Lightbulb in Your Dryer When It Goes Out

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How to change a dryer light bulb. How to fix the light in your dryer.

If your dryer’s bulb has gone out it is not really all that hard to fix. It just takes a little know how, and really just a few seconds.  After you read how easy it is to change your dryer's light bulb will not be a task that you need to fear even a little.

First before you do anything to any major household appliance you must first unplug it for your own safety so make sure to unplug your dryer before you begin replacing the bulb.

It may surprise you to know that most dryers use a regular household bulb. Use a 25 watt or a 40 watt bulb, do not use a higher watt bulb than 40 watts. Even though this may be true for most dryers check your owners manual to see what kind of bulb your dryer requires.  If you don't have the manual any more then call the manufacturer, be sure to have the model number ready when you call so they can look up your exact dryer.  You can also try looking it up on line. Or remove the light bulb as instructed below and take it to the hardware store or appliance store as instructed below.

Open up your dryer and reach towards the back of the dryer. You will see a white plastic light cover back there. This cover should twist. You will need to twist it counter clockwise to remove it. If it does not twist in that direction try clockwise. After removing the cover, unscrew and remove the light bulb.

Check to see if it is a regular sized household light bulb, if it is not take the bulb to your local hardware store and match it up to a bulb in the store if you are unsure ask for assistance to help you match up the bulb properly.

Replace the bulb by screwing it in, remember the bulb should not exceed 40 watts. The bulb should just screw in easily like any other light bulb socket.

Line up the tabs on the light cover with the slots in the back of the drum and twist the light cover clockwise to engage the tabs, make sure it is locked in to place. If it is not locked in to place properly it could cause a fire inside the dryer so be very careful and make sure that you put the light cover back on properly. If you are not sure have someone else check it. Be very careful about this part.

Plug your dryer back in. The light should now work properly.


Jerry Walch
Posted on Jan 14, 2011
Posted on Jan 13, 2011