How to Care For a Dragon Tree

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Madagascar dragon trees make great house plants. They are also good for patios. They are not that hard to care for. The dragon tree loves brighl light but not direct sun. Their soil must be kept moist at all time. They must be fertilized in the summe

The Dracaena Marginata plant is also known as the Madagascar Dragon tree and they have become very popular as houseplants.  They allow you to change their looks.  You can let them grow naturally or you can twist the stalks to develop your own look.

The dragon tree has narrow ribbon like deep green leaves.  They have a narrow strip along the other edge of the leaf that is magenta.  If you keep your dragon tree healthy it will be happy and will stay around for many years. 

The dragon tree loves bright, indirect light and because of this they make great patio and indoor plants.  If the plant gets too much sunlight it will cause their leaves to get burned.  It the plant does not get sufficient light it will grow very slowly.

When you keep your dragon tree as a house plant it needs the soil kept moist at all times and it likes a higher humidity.  If the tips of the leaves get brown it means there is not enough humidity so will need to mist the plant every day. 

Dragon trees will do well outside in several temperature zones as long as they do not freeze.  They will survive in hot weather but will need to be watered frequently.

Dragon trees need to be fertilized at least once a month in the spring and summer.  Miracle-Gro works very well.

The spring and summer are the dragon trees growing season so their soil should be kept moist but not wet and soggy.

If you need to repot your plant do it in the spring.  Do not put the plant in a pot that is too large because dragon trees prefer to be root bound.  It is best to go to a pot that is only 1 inch bigger in diameter.

Dragon trees are very hardy but they will get spider mites, mealy bugs and scale.  Spray your plant with NUM oil which you can purchase at most garden centers and it is supposed to be safe for pets.

If you like bonsai you can get yourself a bonsai dragon tree.  You should check the soil moisture once a week on your bonsai.  If the leaves turn yellow the bonsai dragon tree is getting too much or not enough water.  Your bonsai will do best if you soak it once a week but do not let it sit in the water for more than an hour.  They will need more water in the summer when the air is drier. 

You must wipe off the dust on the leaves with a damp cloth.  You need to keep your bonsai dragon tree in bright indirect light and be sure to keep them out of direct sun in the afternoon.  If your bonsai dragon tree is growing slow it may not be getting enough light.  You should mist the leaves of your bonsai very few days.  Feed your bonsai dragon tree once a month in the spring and summer with a liquid fertilizer.

Take good care of your dragon tree and it will be around for many years.  They are a very hardy plant and do not require a lot special care.