How to Calm Yourself Completely by Calming Your Eyes

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When all others around you are losing their calm, and you can remain tranquil, and feel in charge of your emotions within, how powerful would you feel? No need to take a pill of any sort, especially the habit forming variety. Another thing, many people re

When all others around you are losing their calm, and you can remain tranquil, and feel in charge of your emotions within, how powerful would you feel? No need to take a pill of any sort, especially the habit forming variety. Another thing, many people resort to taking a headache pill, and in the process are probably damaging one or other organ in the body.

Surely there MUST be a better way to achieve that special inner peace – whatever may be happening outside?

Why should inner calm be necessary, or even sought after, once it is achieved? The facts are that:

  • People who shine at communicating effectively, have succeeded in the area of being able to keep an unruffled, peaceful and calm mind
  • Those who somehow succeed in being able to work through what may appear to be an insoluble problem and then come up trumps, are the ones who have worked at taming their minds – no matter what.
  • At the negotiating table, when all others are highly stressed and being affected by a lack of calm, the person who has got their act together is the one who will be able to push the deal through, and to their advantage.

Eye of stormThis can be difficult, and to most, not as easy as it may seem at first blush. That is, until you find the secret. Let them carry on yelling, ranting and raving. You are the veritable “eye of the storm” the ONE place where it is all calm, whilst all else swirls around in circles!

Think about it: What actions do our eyes perform? The fact is, the eyes are not only used to see what is around us, but they also act as the projectors to what is imprinted on our inner mind. If you study NLP,(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) you will learn to understand when other people are not as calm and collected as they may be pretending they are – their eyes give away the truth, and you can tell.

One does not have to study NLP though, because by just looking at a person's eyes, there are some very simple clues:

  • When fearful, the eyes tend to dart around – that is the human version of a flight and fight response, and either means they want to find an escape route, or are looking for a weapon to defend themselves.
  • If you gave got to tell somebody some bad news, the common reaction is for their expression to become downcast...and where do their eyes look? Down of course.
  • Ever heard of angry eyes? Those are the occasions when you feel somebody is trying to bore a hole right through you, piercing your armor, and effectively, animal-like, trying to get you to cower before their unrelenting gaze. That is a tactic quite often seen in male dogs, getting the female to look down.
  • What is your reaction if your have been subject to looking at something unpleasant – perhaps a person you like, being pushed around or bullied. Your eyes tend to become escalate YOUR mood. Thus, it follows, if you are able to make yourself aware of how easily your eyes can affect your emotions, the reverse must logically work as well: Calm your eyes, and your mood is calmed as well.

How can all this be achieved? Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Mentally instruct or command your eyes to relax slowly, in this way: “Reeeelaaax......yeeees, that's it reeeeelax.
  • Make your eyes blank, and in the process imagine that you are blanking out all the tension. Form a mental picture, and visualize your OWN eyes as being blank, without life, unresponsive. They are also without tension.
  • Take both hands, and make them into a fist, then gently place the index finger knuckles into your eye sockets, so that all light is occluded.
  • If you want to take this process one step further at home, lie down on your bed, and place a THIN slice of cucumber over each eye, pressing this gently into the eye cavity. You can also, if you have access to it, use a Rooibos teabag. I have found this one to be very effective.

How can you react in an emotional way to those unresponsive, perhaps sleepy eyes. Of course you can't be anything else but calm and relaxed! The process will, of course progress to your thoughts and then whole body following suit.

What will be going through your mind then? It must be something along the lines of: “This situation does not affect me at all” in line with that, you are bound to experience the sensation of your body beginning to relax, and it has now opened the door to you releasing any tension you may have been feeling.

There is not doubt that, when your eyes are in this super-relaxed condition, it is not possible to be taken over by extraneous influences. It is as if somebody has found the master switch to your nervous system, and clicked off the ones which cause you to feel all stressed out.

Computer EyesOne of the most common sources of tension today, is caused by doing exactly what you are doing right now: Staring at this computer screen. It is more than likely that already you have been doing that for far too long, eyes GLUED to the screen. Not only is that very bad for your eyes, but it is also one of the greatest sources of modern day tension.

That is why it is a good idea to give your eyes a rest at regular intervals. Here is one way of making yourself do that: Free Utility that reminds us to rest our eyes Relax your eyes Download

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