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How to Boost Your Cell Phone Wi-fi Signal

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The article explains how a phone's wi-fi signal can be increased.It gives phoe related ideas to do this.

The wireless signal reception of a cell phone can be weak due to poor coverage in the area or obstruction by physical barriers like tall buildings made of plaster or concrete. Most of us try to boost the signal from the phone. However, the better approach is to improve the reception in order to increase the signal strength.

By making simple adjustments in your cell phone, you can ensure better Wi-Fi reception.

Check your battery:

A fully powered cell phone has stronger battery and hence, it would be able to receive stronger signals. You can even use an extended battery pack to ensure that your phone is charged all the time to increase the signal strength.

Firmware updates:

Update the firmware, switch off your phone and again restart. This would refresh and run the updated software which could result in stronger wi-fi signal.

Network settings:

If you are using a GSM mobile, check whether high speed network would be enabled on your phone. Disable it so that even if your phone opts for a slower network, it would offer consistent coverage. This means you would be compromising on the speed to get stronger signal. Also, your battery would last longer. In the case of a CDMA mobile phone, you can call up your customer care provider and gather information about the toll free number to improve the wireless signal range.

Phone location:

If there is no cell phone tower in the recommended range, then the signal will be very weak. This is quite often the case in rural areas or “dead zones”. Urban areas have better reception than the suburbs. The same problem is observed if you are trying to access your wi-fi from older homes made of concrete and plaster walls. These materials block wi-fi signals and weaken the reception. If you are looking at signal receptions at specific locations of the house (for example, in a particular room), then there are various antenna solutions to improve the signal strength.

Attach signal boosters:

Most of the electronic stores sell signal booster devices that can be attached to your phone to improve reception. You can also purchase boosters of reputed brands online. Some of them are directly attached to the phone battery while others are stand-alone devices.

Wi-Fi extender or repeater:

They operate independently, catch a faint signal and boost it up to thrice or four times its strength enabling reception almost anywhere near the location. This way, you not only increase the signal strength of your internet connection at home but also improve the reception of the wireless service.



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