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How to Attract Your Soulmate Using The Law of Attraction and "The Soulmate Secret"

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9 simple step to attract your soulmate. Use the law of attraction and the soul mate secret to find true love and your soulmate

From single to a meaningful relationship

A soul mate is someone who loves you unconditionally and who you feel a deeper connection to. With this person you can be you total self. One person can have more than one soul mate. Would you like to meet yours?

What is Law of attraction?

Law of attraction is a force that manifests your thoughts into reality. Basically it means that what you think about, you will attract in your life. The three basic step are: Ask - believe - receive. But i won't go into detail about the law, but if you want more information,you can read lots more about Law of Attraction on the web and in books..

I will give you 9 simple steps to attract your soul mate, based on "the soul mate secret" based on the experiences of Arielle Ford, who used the law of attraction to find  her soul mate. She added a few things to the basic steps of LOA.  I used these steps myself, and are now engaged and living with the man of my dreams. So now I want to share them with you:

Step 1 - believe it!

Like anything else you throw yourself into, it is essential to believe in it, or you won't succeed. Do not undermine your wish of attracting your soul mate with negative thoughts of you being too old, too fat, too ugly or the "the good ones are already taken"-thought. It's is a bunch of nonsense, and deep down, you know that too.  Instead of thinking negative thoughts about, how impossible it feels to attract your love, you should relax with the knowledge that your soul mate is coming to you. Do not constantly look for proof that it will happen and do not begin to speculate where he or she will come from, The universe will take care of that, if you are ready for it.

Step 2 - be ready

You might think "of course I'm ready, I'm more than ready". But to be really ready, you have to be in a place of your life, where you have the time and energy to welcome your soul mate. It can compare this to if you were moving to a new house; Before the move-men comes to move your things, you have probably spent time sorting out what to take with you and what to toss. You should do the same with your life. If you are too stressed, have too much chaos or unresolved feelings from previous relationships, you are already filled up. You need to make room in your life for your soul mate, and when you do that, you will seem a lot more appealing to him/her.

Step 3 - make your home ready for love

Your home is a big part of you and your personality, and your home also needs to be ready for love. Your home can both attract and repel your soul mate, and of course, you would want to attract. So look at your home and think about how it presents itself. this is not about expensive designer furniture, but about your home being a nice place to be at, and where you feel comfortable welcoming your future partner. If you are not the biggest home.decorator and don't know where to start, you might want to have a Feng Sui consultant come and look at your home, and make sure your home does not contradict your wish of changing your single status.

Step 4 - live "as if"

Living "as if" means that you start living as if you have already met your soul mate. It sounds a little silly, but you hereby send out a strong signal to the universe that you believe that he or she is coming. You can do this in many way but for example, you buy little romantic cards to give him, buying two tickets for a concert for a time in the near future, knowing that you by this time, will have a wonderful date to invite to it. Have fun with it and play around. Set your table for two people instead of one. Are you sleeping in the middle of the bed, or are there room for your partner? Light up candles, as you would do if you were to have a romantic evening with your love. Act as if your soul mate is already here. This also means that you shouldn't wait to things that you dream about, until you meet him or her. Even though it might feel odd and bitter to plan buying a bigger apartment, or planning your next vacation without him, think about what your soul mate would say about you if he/she could see you right now. Would you be attracted to someone who were just sitting around, waiting for you to come and make things all better, so he could finally go on living his life? Me, neither.

Step 5 - make a wish list of your soul mate

If you wish to attract a person who could be more than just a fling, it is important to make a wish list. The list helps you to become more specific about which kind of person you are looking for. Start with the basic things like his or her sexual orientation and his or her geographical location, and move on to the personal qualities and physique. When it comes to physique, I'm not talking about making a description of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but that if you have a big problem about being with a man that is shorter than you, then add this on your list. The trick here, is that the more clear you are on what you seek, the stronger you will attract a person with the matching goals and values. But make sure you write what you want and not what you don't want, and write in present time, as if you already have it. Instead of writing; "I don't want.a short man", write; "My man is tall and handsome".

Step 6 - make up with your past

Unhealed wounds and pain from a previous relationship not only holds you down mentally, but can also hold you back from attracting your soul mate. Your head says yes, but  your heart says no. It says  "It is too dangerous to risk another broken heart, then I'd rather live alone". It is therefore important that you work with your pain from the past. A powerful and important tool, is to forgive. Both the other person and yourself, for what happened and for what didn't happen. The forgiveness is not for the other person, and you don't even have to tell that person that you forgive. It is for you, so that you can experience the inner peace, relief and power that comes with forgiveness. You will not regret it, but you may even wonder why you didn't so this a long time ago.

Step 7 - be active

Very few of us are so lucky that our soul mate actually comes knocking on our door. Therefore it is important to get out of your home, and out where the possibilities are. Follow your intuition and say yes to invitations, which you feel good accepting, or make sure to be active in your hobbies and likings. Even though you cannot control where or how you are going to meet your soul mate, you increase your chances of meeting him or her by being active involved with your own life.

Step 8 - enjoy the waiting time

You now know what you want, you are active and you are ready in your heart and in your home to fall in love. You work is, so to say, done. Now it's time to also start enjoying yourself and enjoy the waiting for your love. Who knows when your soul mate will turn up? It could be in one week, 3 months or a year. No one knows. So in the meantime, it is up to you to choose to feel self pitty that your love still hasn't shown, or if you want to be filled with joy and excitement for all the good thing that are in store for you. The choice is yours, but which do you think will help you best?

Step 9 - Fall in love with yourself

To fall in love with yourself, sounds immediately a little selfish and self centered. But it is actually an important step towards not only attracting your soul mate, but also towards a greater personal satisfaction and and inner happiness. Remember that you are the star of your own life, and you have the responsibility for your own happiness. When you recognise all of your good qualities, you will automatically straighten your back a little more and realise that you do not have to settle for the next best thing. Because you know, you are worth more. And there is nothing more attractive than self esteem.   

So GO FOR IT. Feel good about it, and remember the basics: Ask - believe - receive.



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