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How to Ask Your Boss for a Salary Raise

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Many people find it difficult approaching their boss regarding a salary raise. These tips will help you mentally prepare yourself for that dreadful conversation with your boss.

Many people find it difficult approaching their boss regarding a salary raise. It could be because they are afraid to lose their jobs, afraid to be let down, intimidated by their boss as a person, or having the feeling they are not worth all that much.

Everyone can be replaced, but people gain power with time:

- Having job experience

- Willing to work hard and long hours

- Giving 100% of oneself

- Being quick

- Organized

- Avoiding mistakes

- Punctual

- Reliable

- Friendly and sociable

These are all valuable things that your boss will take note of.

Having worked in a place for some time, and feeling you could be paid more – is the first step for asking your boss for a raise. Knowing what you are worth, what your strong features are, and what are your weaknesses.

Never go with the feeling that you do not deserve a raise. Be sure of yourself! If you do not feel confident – make a list of all your values, and compare yourself to other workers in the company.

Prepare the ground for your approach: be more friendly towards everyone around you including your boss, smile more often, greet people with a happy face, offer a helping hand. It is hard to refuse someone you like, rather than a person that you do not like, or have no close interaction with. If possible, make customers praise your work to your boss.

Be sure to ask for more than you think your boss will pay. You might be surprised!

When feeling ready, know there are only two consequential happenings:

Either your boss will accept your request and grant you with a raise, or he won't.

In the first case, you might receive less (or more) than you wished for. You do not have to accept a small payment. Remember it is your choice as well. If not satisfied with the raise, or not given any at all – you could always look for a new job!

Having looked for a new job in advance - might help. Your boss might consider paying you more, rather than losing you to some other company.

You can also tell your boss what the raise means to you. It might push you to be working harder, feeling more content, not wanting to leave the company. It might be of a great help with payments at home. Share your thoughts and feelings, don't keep them to yourself. A warm and friendly conversation is better than a cold, strict one.

If you don't ask for what you want – you will never get!

Whatever the consequences are, always know the choice is yours - whether to stay or leave.


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