How to Activate Your PS3's Self-cleaning Function

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Did you know your PS3 can clean its internals by itself? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to activate its self-cleaning function if you're having overheating issues from dust build up or if you're simply a neat-freak. It's much easier than opening up th

As consoles have increased in power and capabilities over the years, so has the amount of heat they generate, the amount of air they circulate and the amount of dust they attract. This has lead to numerous overheating issues, drops in performance and an entire slew of 'console cooler' products to pop up. The Sony PS3 is no exception and maintaining it involves getting rid of the dust that collects on the inside to avoid heat build up and overheating.

Most people are unaware of it but Sony was nice enough to include a self-cleaning feature within every PS3. It may not be as thorough as an actual take-apart cleaning, but you don't run the risk of voiding your warranty if you use it. There are many parts of a PS3 that will result in a voided warranty if tampered with, even if it's just to clean them.

Here's a step by step guide on how to clean a PS3 and how to activate the self-cleaning feature. Although this feature isn't available on any 40gb model and older, it is a standard feature on every PS3 released since then, which is basically all of them. Sure you can risk everything and take apart the PS3 to clean the inside but after running this trick you probably won’t need to.

Before you go diving head first into your console, give this a try and see if it resolves any overheating issues you might be having with it.

1. Make sure your PS3 is plugged in and functioning normally – You need to power up the unit to make this work, so return it to its normal home or bring the plug over to your cleaning space.

2. Make sure the power switch on the PS3 is off – The unit needs to be fully powered down, not just in standby.

3. Turn on the power switch while holding down the Eject button – The system should fire up and you should hear all the system fans come on at once.

4. Wait for the system to return to “Standby” mode – If you did this correctly the unit will blow out all the fans for about 10 seconds before going into standby mode. It helps if you have a vacuum cleaner hose running nearby to suck up any dust that is expelled from the PS3 to avoid it being circulated back in the machine. Do not use a vacuum cleaner on your PS3 directly.

Once you've done this process your PS3 should be fairly dust free on the inside. You can repeat the steps a few times just to be extra sure.

Keeping the outside free of dust will help as well, and having a can of compressed air to blow into the vents of your PS3 is definitely helpful for getting 'rough dust' off of the fans.

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Todd Schmidt
Posted on Sep 5, 2016