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How Taking Vitamin K Can Reduce Bleeding and Pain After Wisdom Teeth Removal

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When the wound had completely healed the same person was given a run-of-the-mill multiple vitamin and the procedure repeated on the other side of the mouth. The healing took place in a third less time than before when no supplement was used.

All teeth have very slight movement. This can usually be perceived by placing one's fingers over the front teeth and wiggling them. A gadget was devised by a dentist to measure this small amount of tooth movement. In certain oral disease situations and in dietary deficiencies this movement has proved to be greater than normal.

With this fact in mind another simple scientific test was devised whereby a random sample of patients coming into a dental school had the amount of their tooth movement recorded. They were then given a single vitamin supplement and, will wonders never cease, within a very short period the amount of tooth movement was materially lessened. The excessive moveability of teeth present in so many with pyorrhea and other gum diseases starts with such almost unperceptible tooth movement.

For these reasons we think most people are helped by adding a multiple vitamin mineral supplement to their diet. When doing so it should be considered, not a pill or medicine, but merely part of one's food intake. While we must realize that this is a guess as to what is needed, for the most part such additions to our diets seem to work reasonably well.

Vitamin K Prevents Hemorrhaging After Tooth Extraction.

As hemorrhaging after tooth extractions does occur fairly often we supply patients before and after surgery with a supply of vitamins and and minerals to enhance and hasten healing. This includes a chlorophyll complex that is high in vitamin K. It works quickly and it is amazing how it lessens bleeding during intricate surgical procedures. The following is typical of the experiences of patients who improve their nutrition before oral surgery.

The main reason is all that chewing just plain wears out teeth. The amount of wear one gets from masticating food is relatively little but gum is a constant repeditive problem. If the teeth do not occlude well, there is in addition great strain which is harmful to the jaw joint.


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