How Often Does the Sun Shine in Portland, Oregon?

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The average annual sunshine level in Portland, Oregon, and how Portland compares to other cities in the United States.

The average annual sunshine level in Portland, Oregon is 48%. That means the sun is shinning 48% of the time it could possibly be shining in Portland on a yearly basis. The rest of the time, during daylight hours, clouds cover the city and block the sun.

The sunniest month of the year in Portland is July with 69% sunshine, followed by August at 66%. September has 62% sunshine, May has 57%, June is 56% and April is at 52%.

The least sunniest month of the year in Portland, Oregon is December at 23%, followed by November and January both at 28%. February receives 38% sunshine, October is at 44% and March gets 48%.

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Portland, Oregon has one of the biggest differences I've ever seen between the sunniest month of the year, July at 69%, and least sunniest month, December at 23%. I've been to Portland, Oregon a handful of times, but only in the summer and early fall. I cannot remember being in the city on a cloudy day. But anyone who visits from late fall to early spring is almost guaranteed cloudy weather.

How Does Portland, Oregon Compare to Nearby Cities?

Using nearby as a relative term, Portland is one of the least sunniest cities, on average, in the western part of the United States. And in case you are wondering, I've also listed Portland, Maine here.

Seattle, Washington - 47%

Eureka, California - 51%

Spokane, Washington - 54%

Portland, Maine - 57%

Boise, Idaho - 64%

San Francisco, California - 66%

Sacramento, California - 78%

Other Cities in the United States Around 48% Annual Sunshine Levels

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Other than Seattle, which is listed above, these are other cities in the United States with similar annual sunshine levels to Portland, Oregon. That does not mean these cities have the same climates as Portland, just that they all receive around the same amounts of annual average sunshine.

Cleveland, Ohio - 49%

Burlington, Vermont - 49%

Alpena, Michigan - 48%

Buffalo, New York - 48%

Syracuse, New York - 46%

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 45%

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