How Often Does the Sun Shine in New Orleans?

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The annual average sunshine level in New Orleans. Plus comparisons of the city to other cities in Louisiana and in the United States.

The average annual sunshine level in New Orleans, Louisiana is 57%. That means the sun is shining 57% of the time it could possibly be shining in

New Orleans

on a yearly basis. The rest of the time, clouds cover the city and block the sun.

The sunniest month of the year in New Orleans is October with 64% sunshine, followed closely by June at 63%. Both April and May receive 62% sunshine, while August and September receive 61% sunshine.

The least sunniest month of the year in New Orleans is January at 46%, followed closely by December at 48%. February has a 50% sunshine level, November is at 54%, March is 56% and, surprisingly, July gets 58% sunshine.

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How the Annual Sunshine Levels Compare to the Rainfall Totals in New Orleans

New Orleans receives 64.16" of annual rainfall. That is a lot of rain. Considering the city gets that much rain, a 57% annual sunshine level is pretty good. The least rainiest month of the year in New Orleans is October with 3.05" of rain. October is also the sunniest month of the year in the Big Easy.

The only other month that gets less than 5" of rain a year, on average, is May at 4.62". And May is tied for the third sunniest month in the city. But June is the second sunniest month in New Orleans, and is also the rainiest month of the year getting 6.83" of rainfall. Go figure.

If you are planning a vacation to New Orleans, and are going to stay more than a few days, unless you go in October, you will likely see some rain. The flip side is that you will also probably see some sun, unless you go in January or December.

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How Does the Sunshine Level in New Orleans Compare to Other Cities in Louisiana?

As you can see below, the Big Easy is the least sunniest city in the state of Louisiana. And by a large percentage.

New Orleans - 57%

Shreveport - 64%

Lake Charles - 72%

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Other Cities in the United States With 57% Annual Sunshine Levels

All the following cities in the United States also have 57% annual sunshine levels. That does not mean they have the same climate as New Orleans, just the same annual sunshine levels.

Baltimore, Maryland

Birmingham, Alabama

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Portland, Maine

St. Louis, Missouri

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