How Extra-Curricular Activities Help Shape a Student's Education

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Extra-curricular activities are also crucial in helping shape the student's education.

The school is not only a place for students to gain academic knowledge but it is also a place where they involve themselves in extra-curricular activities. While these activities are out of the scope of regular curriculum, schools include extra - curricular activities because they are very important in helping shape the students’ education.

Extra -curricular activities are especial activities that fall outside the regular scope of study. These are activities concerning sports, arts and crafts, socialization, music and others. While many may disagree with these extra-curricular activities in schools, they do not realize that these are also crucial in the development and growth of the children.

How do extra-curricular activities help shape a student’s education?

Development of competitiveness

Being competitive means the student tries his best to compete with the other students in order to be the best. Competition is one of the aims of extra-curricular activities. Sports, arts and crafts, writing activities, quiz bee, musical activities, math skills, etc. are some of the extra-curricular activities in school where students could prove their worth. If a student joins one of these groups his goal is to try his best in order to outdo the other students in the group. Extra-curricular activities develop the competitiveness in the student which helps in shaping his education.

Development of skills and talents

Extra-curricular activities help develop and enhance the skills and talents of a student. The student is allowed to choose a field where he is good at and also love doing. The activities provide the student tools that he can use to further enhance his skills and talents.

Intensive training for excellence

Some extra-curricular activities need intensive training to achieve excellence especially if the extra-curricular activities are aimed at competition. Excellence is the goal when joining a competition which is good because the student would be trained to develop his mental capabilities and other skills and talents.

Social awareness Enhancement

Extra-curricular activities aim to teach the students to be socially aware of their environment. They are taught good values as they interact with different individuals. They are exposed to different types of individuals which help them understand other people better and also develop their personality traits.

Personality Development

When a student joins extra-curricular activities, he develops a lot of personality traits because he has to adapt to different people and different situations. Joining extra-curricular activities will also help the student develop self-esteem, fairness, sportsmanship, discipline and responsibility. These traits are developed because the students must deal with different activities, situations and individuals.

Extra-curricular activities are very helpful in shaping the education of the student but just like other things, it must not be too much because if the student concentrates and spends more time on extra -curricular activities his studies will be affected.

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Francina Marie Parks
Posted on Jul 5, 2011