How Do You Know Your Man Is Gay

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How do you know your man is gay? Here are signs that may help you. Read more...

Is he a covert gay or overt gay?

Overt gay will show gay mannerisms which are so obvious.  They even wear make-up and female pumps.  Covert gay on the other hand will try very hard to hide it for fear of being detected.  But detecting is never a hopeless case.  Covert gay can be discovered during his unguarded moments.  When a man, is hiding the feeling such as what covert gays do, that's difficult to tell.

There's something in a covert gay that's not masculine.  According to psychologist, it has something to do with the way he looks, speaks, moves, and the way he feels. When the covert gay is not ready to admit it, it is what makes it difficult to tell if a guy is a gay or not. While overt gay is a man who has accepted his sexuality; covert gays are often referred to as "closet queens."  From the author of "The Straight Guy," here are signs that may help you how to know if your man is gay.  Note: Most of these are sure proofs.  Some are not; you need to use your judgment.

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How do you know your man is gay?

  • Shrieking.  He shrieks when surprised.  When there's a sudden bang in the air, he's likely to shriek.  There you get him!  He's certified gay, if you get him more than twice at it.
  • Holding an umbrella.  During rainy season, this is probably a good time to check a covert gay from the way he holds an umbrella.  Straight guys hold an umbrella closed on his body.  Covert gays hold it on the handle just like woman would.
  • Mirror maniac.  He is so conscious of the way he looks.  He will never miss an opportunity to check himself on a mirror.  He feels he is competing with other women when it comes to appearance.  He is naturally vain, just like women.
  • Crossing legs.  He's crossing legs.  They have a tendency to cross a leg while standing up.  A "straight guy" never stands on one feet with the other on a relaxed position across his feet.  A "straight guy" stands firmly on the floor with his legs apart.  A covert gay does not do it this way.  He has the habit of crossing his feet while standing up.
  • Clean dressing.  Most covert gays are clean dressers. He often too conscious on what to wear.  He often wears the latest styles.  It is a sublimated expression of the feminine quality.
  • Wearing jewelry.  Covert gays have a fondness for jewelry. He tries to simplify things by wearing gold jewelry since he does not allow himself to wear female-style clothes or makeup. But take note and learn to distinguish between straight guy and covert gay who uses jewelry as a security blanket of sorts.
  • Obsessed with hair. Most men would be contented in fixing his hair with the aid of a hand.  A covert gay always fixes his hair, whether with a brush or a comb.  To him every strand must be in place and may even consider it necessary to apply gel again.
  • Cat walking.  He has a refined way of walking.  Straight guys swagger when walking.  They move in sure steps almost arrogant in nature.  Covert gays tend to walk in slow and swaying steps.  He is cat-walking like a trying-hard male fashion model.
  • Attracted to men.  Straight guys can get attracted to other men, but it's purely on an attraction level.  For the covert gays there's a sexual interest involved.  He is taking furtive looks especially when the object of his attraction is not looking.
  • Smells like a woman.  A covert gay smelsl like a woman most of the time, sweet scintillating.  He may use men fragrances but the way he uses them, you'll think he has no credit limit in a fragrance store.
  • With girls always. He goes out with girls.  But in a group. He thinks he's safe with them.
  • Inside cinema.  They stand up inside the cinema for long periods.  He is catching a man in his priority.  Watching the movie is only secondary.
  • Like muscles.  There are many gays who have an unreasonable desire to shape up their bodies like a Greek god.  This is a cover-up.  They think being masculine at the right places will hide the truth. To them, the gym serves as a hunting grounds as well.
  • They look at men who are peeing.  He is contented at looking at men while doing his thing.  If the man gives himself that's the time the covert gay will start to pursue him.

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