How Do You Get a Free Blog on the First Page of a Google Search?

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To get a free blog onto the first page of a popular Google search, you have to do keyword research, and use SEO techniques specific to a free blog.

It is not easy to get a free blog on the first page of a popular Google search, you need to know what you are doing, and that means knowing SEO, and doing keyword research. If you learn these things carefully, you will get a good Google rating

There is a distinction between a free blog, and a hosted blog, and a blog is different again from writing articles on a site like this.

What makes it a blog, is the blog entries are all found on the one page, the home page of the blog, unless you go to the specific URL of a blog entry.

A free blog can be made on sites like Blogger, and, and Blogger allows you to monetize your page with Google Adsense and Amazon ads.

To monetize a Wordpress blog, you either need to put your own ads in, by putting in banners that include your affiliate link to sites such as Amazon, Clickbank, or other referral links, or you need to go to, which is a different site that requires you to buy a domain name, and pay for hosting.

Getting back to how you get a free blog on the first page of a Google search, you first have to choose a title and URL for your blog that is about a keyword that you will continue to write about for the whole blog.

You see, you have to be really specific about the subject of your blog, and include your keyword or keywords all through it, from the URL, to the title of each blog entry, to the text of each blog entry.

If your blog was about getting on the first page of a Google search, (a lot of competition), you would include those keywords in every single place you could on your blog, and continue to update it regularly with relevant SEO content.

Again, a blog is different to articles, because it is all found on the one page, but you could apply the same SEO techniques to articles, and have them all linked together.

The reason why a hosted blog does better than a free blog is because you can choose a custom domain name if it's available.

Choosing the URL and Title of Your Blog

With the URL, the closer the main keywords are to the front of it, the better, and the shorter the URL is, the better it does in a Google search as well.

You might have a URL on a free blog on Blogger that was:, and while this can work ok, it would work a lot better if it was

Anyway, the way to make it work is to continue writing about those same keywords in every entry, so that the blog covers every relevant complimentary keyword associated with the subject, and of course you need to use all the other SEO techniques like making backlinks, having the right percentage of keywords in the text, and promoting on social media sites, etc.

If you do all of these things, you should be able to get your free blog on the first page of a Google search, but you should probably do some keyword research before you even begin, to work out which Google search you will be aiming to compete for, with your free blog.

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