How and Where to Add Meta Tags to Your Blogger Blog

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In a previous article I described how to add meta tags to articles and websites in general but now I want to tell you how to add meta tags specifically to your Blogger blog. There are two kinds of meta tags which I recommend adding to your blog HTML code. They are the meta description tags which are sentences which describe your blog. These are also the sentences which make up the small description which is shown when your site comes up in some search engine searches and  the other type of meta tag which you should add to your Blogger blog is the keyword meta tags. These are keywords which potential readers may be searching for. The reason we add meta tags to any site or blog is to help the search engine crawlers or spiders find and identify the site in a more timely and precise manner.

Steps to add meta tags to your Blogger blog:• Open your Blogger blog dashboard and click on "Design".

• Once the Design page opens you will see at the top of the page just under the tab options: Page Elements, Edit HTML and Template Designer. Click on Edit HTML.

• A page will open up with the HTML code which makes up your blog, this will look a bit confusing if you are not familiar with this kind of code. To make sure you don't do any damage to your blog you can copy and save your HTML code onto your hard drive (in a Word document perhaps) just in case something goes wrong. At the top of the page you are given this option.

• Now read down the code until you get to <head>, this should be quite close to the top. Your Meta tags need to be placed between the <head> and </head>. • Ideally the Meta tags should be placed under the title tags which you will see as <title> and ending with </title>.• Under </title> on a new line copy and paste the following code:

<meta name="description" content=" PLACE A FEW SENTENCES DESCRIBING YOUR BLOGGER BLOG HERE"/>• After you have done this click on "Preview" at the bottom of the page to make sure that no mistakes have been made before you save these changes.

If you your Blogger blog comes up when you press preview then the changes were done correctly and you can safely click on "Save Template", if instead you got an error message then click on "Clear Edits", and try again. You may find that your meta tags were not accepted due to mistakes within the text you wrote. You can find tips on how to write your description meta tags here. Separate the description sentences with a comma.

• Then you can go ahead and add your meta tag keywords under the meta tag description using this code:

<meta name="keywords" content="YOUR LIST OF KEYWORDS LISTED HERE SEPERATED BY COMMAS"/>• Once again check that you have done it correctly by clicking on "Preview", if your site appears as normal then you have added the meta tags correctly.

• Finally click on "Save Template".

I have found for some reason that when I look back over the HTML after saving it the code I have added has slightly changes to look like this:

meta content='MY DESCRIPTIONS HERE' name='description'/>, but the site still works. I have also noticed that some sites recommend ending your meta tag code with "> and not "/> as I have done, but my code works fine on the Blogs I have used it for.

You can now return to your Blogger dashboard and from there continue blogging!


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