How A Hobby Can Become An Obsession: Keep It Fun And Avoid Trouble

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Negative side effects of a hobby to consider.

We all need our leisure and distraction to have fun in life. Even if you do have your dream job, there are always things in life you need to do, but might like less.

Any hobby can become a form of obsession and can cause trouble in the long run. If you like a hobby, you need to pick it carefully and consider some consequences, since some people might get in trouble from their favorite pass-times.

Here some trouble you might get from turning a hobby into an obsession. The consequences of having your hobby taking over you life, might be less fun.

Financial trouble: when you collect things or practice some kind of sport, you may consider it costs money. Do mind your financial budget when you start at something.

It may sound weird, but people who might have to sell their car or something else of value, due to debt after overspending on their hobby, are not so uncommon.

Make a budget and see what you can spend on your hobby and do not try to outsmart others. Yes, in competitive sports, you may lose yourself.

Does that other person have better gear? Is it more expensive? You might want to have the best to show off on the golf course, but does this please your private life, that you may starve for it?

Or how much are you willing to spend on your collection? Are you so obsessed in getting more and more collectibles, that you may exceed your financial limits to get it?

All hobbies can cost as little or as much as you have to spend, but you have to remember, that only extra money can go to a hobby. This is extra money that you might save up for throughout the year to buy that new hobby toy. If you continue to exceed your budget on your hobby, sooner rather than later, you will find yourself selling your beloved hobby items just to pay the bills.


Social trouble: getting addicted to computer games, writing or other hobbies that take time and might be somewhat social online, might make you lose contact with the people around you.

Another problem can occur if you are married and you start to spend more time with your hobby than you do your wife. When this occurs, your wife will start to feel left out and alone, and she might start thinking you do not care for her anymore. Of course, if both you and your wife enjoy hobby, than that is the perfect scenario.

Do you skip household chores to be at the computer? Did you forget to feed you pets due to it?

You may keep your budget there, but still you may get in trouble. How far are you willing to go? Are you willing to risk your relationship and friendships for you hobby?

Keep in mind: it has to remain fun and it should be a rewarding distraction. But if it starts to dominate you life and your budget, you may think twice and seek for help.

Turn off the computer and do your household chores. Pay your bill first and save to buy that special collector's item later. Consider if it is still fun, when you get more negative side effects from your hobby, than positive ones.


Having a hobby is a great way to pass away extra time, learn more about the subject, and advance your skills, and it sure beats sitting on the couch watching television. In order to enjoy your hobby, you must not become obsessed with it to the exclusion of everyone else and everything else in your life. A hobby is meant to be fun, not cause stress.

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Posted on May 6, 2010