HOUSES in Dreams - Interpretations, Meanings and What They Represent

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Learn to decipher the many meanings, interpretations and symbols of dreaming of Houses. What do the rooms, colors, lighting and condition say about the person, who they're associated with, and their direction?

Throughout history, dreams have been described as a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep, yet there is much more to dreams than just a release of random things that are filtered through the subconscious.

Listed below are interpretations of what it means to dream of a house to help give clarity on what message these dreams are trying to reveal.


If someone dreams of a house, the subconscious is trying to reveal a message about their personal life. A house in a sense represents the person, the dreamer and showcases their life as a whole. However, each room can also represent topics or details about that person's life that pertains to events or connections with other people.

The exterior condition of the house tells a lot about a person's mental, emotional and physical health. Let's say the person sees the house as a disheveled, dull yellow. Well, the deteriorated condition of the house tells me the person is fatigued and hasn't been tending to the physical upkeep that their body requires. The dull yellow tells me that the person is in poor health. If the yellow were bright, I'd see it as a happiness, joy or jovial mood. However, the dull yellow tells me the person is in poor health and being that the condition of the house is disheveled from the outside, I know that the person is likely to have an illness or infection that is visible, or near visible, to others.

Other outer conditions such as lawn, sidewalk, trees or even the season can be added indicators to the outer influences that are causing this condition in someone. For example, if the yard is pristine, the sidewalk perfectly aligned, and sky bright blue, then I know that the illness must come from within, not from outer environment. However, an underlying situation may be that the person psychologically believes themselves to be lesser than, when compared to the perfectness of the world around them. This perception can be the leading cause to the person not taking care of themselves. This would tell me that it's an internal emotional, mental, or physical condition causing such deterioration.

The condition of the roof could also represent physical conditions of the scalp, hair and head. For example, if shingles are flaking off, I would note it as a sign of dandruff. Or if the roof is metal and panels are falling off or are rusting out, I would note it as a sense of baldness. Corroded roofs would tell me that there is a skin condition going on, such as sunburn or psoriasis.

Inside the home there's much to decipher that can be strong indicators of what else is going on. Let's say once inside, the person sees the living room in a soft, blurry, shadowed yellow light. Lamps are far away, the carpet feels dirty and the furniture is really old and stained. This would tell me that there is some form of long-standing intention to neglect what the body, heart and soul needs.

The yellow dim light tells me that their perception is skewed, that they are potentially in a state of chemical fluctuations that may be causing mental illness. However, considering that the furniture seems to be in its right place, tells me I need to look further. Because the furniture is in its right place, then I would echo that the person is in the right frame of mind, so I could rule out chemical imbalance. Yet, there is still illness going on, which is showcased through the yellow. The dirtiness and old condition of the carpet and furniture tells me the psychological illness or perception is something deeply rooted from the past and is causing dis-ease. This is an old situation. Perhaps a childhood incident is the root cause.

By exploring other rooms we can learn even more. Kitchens represent matters of the family usually, but the living room can also accentuate that. With the kitchen, we learn what we're "cooking up" in our life. The condition of the kitchen can tells us a lot about our creativity or productivity, especially when it comes to personal matters with others.

So, if the kitchen is in disarray, then we can see that the person isn't tending to details that are needed, or organization that would be appropriate when making plans with others. So, someone that is "flaky" or changes plans often will find their kitchen to be disorganized, where things are just left out instead of being put in their proper place in an organized fashion. In contrast, if the kitchen is polished, clean, and perfectly organized, this shows the person likes things in their lives to be organized, and for plans to be made in advance. This shows someone who stands by a schedule rather than just winging it. Lighting and color also has a lot to add as well, like in any room. If the kitchen were red, I would see passion, anger or even temperamental attitudes.

But, if there is a lot of sunlight beaming through the windows with crisp red walls that provide a sense of warmth, I would see that this person is passionately devoted to their family and is willing to back them up at any level. They look on the sunny side of things and are ready at a moment's notice to go to battle for someone they love if they have to. But let's say the walls are a soothing cool blue and the room feels drafty. This would tell me the person tends to be a bit neutral in matters of family and the heart and tend to be more observant than participants in any squabble or even changes and projects. White walls and a bland setting with few appliances or unassuming accessories would reveal that the person feels a bit invisible or numb to people and situations around them.

Hallways create a bit of mystery. We're moving from one thing to the other but find ourselves sort of in between, needing to make choices during transitions. Long dark hallways tell me the person feels very uncertain about something, and even a bit timid. A hallway that has no light whatsoever tells me the person feels completely at a loss on what to do. And yet in hallways, a lot tends to happen. Sometimes we encounter strange creatures or scary things we can't identify.

I would see this as facing fears but maybe not being ready to know what their real identity is, so they remain in the dark shadows, lurking, attacking and prowling. In this situation, the person needs to ask themselves what they are currently afraid of and find a way to transition in to a different position, perhaps a position of authority to speak their mind and be more assertive, so that they can move on.

A brightly lit hallway tells me answers are just right around the corner but it may take time to catch up with them. In the meantime, it's important to do what it takes to travel that hallway in life so that they can arrive to the destination they desire and fulfill what they're intentions are. Then again, some people who are extremely sick or even dying will speak of a long-stretched hallway with light at the end of it inviting them to keep going, to reach it, so they can journey home to the other side. A bright hallway leads to discovery of a positive nature.

A bathroom is something of a different nature. When people dream of a bathroom, they are dealing with something of a private nature. Is it a conversation? Or how about something that has yet to be said or acknowledged? What kind of secrecy is about to be revealed? On the other hand, let's say someone dreams that they are in a bathroom and something is trying to get in, it shows that someone or something is trying to access private information that is none of their business, or that they are trying to be part of that persons private life before the natural timing of it happening on its own.

What kind of private details are about to be made public? The colors, lighting and condition of the bathroom will also give more clues to this. Is the shower on? Water represents emotion. What kind of emotional context is the dream pointing to? Does someone have a crush on another and he or she is about to find out? Or, is someone trying to achieve a successful emotional attachment?

Dreaming of an attic says a lot too. Attics represent the mental aspect; ideas, dreams, thoughts and knowledge. What is the condition of the attic? And is it something well ventilated? How about the lighting? Is it stagnant and dry, or does it embrace sunlight? A stifled attic reveals a stifled mind. A well ventilated attic reveals a mind that has creative outlet. An attic also represents pressure that someone may be under mentally, such as with a career or finances, something that would require mental energy to focus.

A basement is another story. Basements often reveal things that have been overlooked, forgotten, or intentionally stored away such as a bad memory, a fear, or even a dream or goal that the person feels unable to accomplish. The condition of the basement reveals a lot about it. For example, an unfinished basement can represent a project or goal that is not yet completed. Or a dank, musty basement with old pipes, wiring and walls can represent that the person has suppressed a lot of things that will eventually need to surface to be resolved or cleansed.

Sometimes basements can represent a person feeling trapped or "heavy" with fatigue and heartache. A super cluttered basement can also reveal a type of emotional, spiritual, mental or even physical sense of "hoarding". Out with the old and in with the new is a concept that could be very useful. People that are hanging on to old patterns, people or behaviors could be getting the message to move on by dreaming of a cluttered basement.

Similar to basements, closets can represent these things on a smaller scale so the same interpretations for basements apply. It can also represent sexuality, sensuality and private expression that pertains to intimate relationships, friendships and sexual orientation.

There are many other aspects to houses that could apply such as furniture in each room, pets, other people, telephones etc. So there is much to learn about what the houses in our dreams are really saying.

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