Hotel Review: Mabre Residence Hotel, Vilnius Lithuania

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There is no question that the Mabre Residence hotels is one of the most popular and best hotels in Vilnius, Lithuania, you only have to read the online reviews to see that it is often rated number 1 for Vilnius hotels. After a recent stay at the hotel I want to add a few insights to the already glowing reports of the Mabre Hotel, Vilnius.

mabre hotel vilnius

Location of Mabre Hotel, VilniusMaironio 13, Vilnius

Tel: 3705 2122087

The Mabre Hotel is located in the Old City as advertized but it is on the outer edge of the Vilnius Old City so you still have a few minutes' walk to get to the center. The Mabre Hotel is at the opposite end of the Vilnius Old City to the bus and train station so take into account a good 10-15 minute walk or a short taxi ride. The Mabre Hotel is right next to the river and the bridge which crosses over into the beautiful Uzupis neigborhood.

If you are planning to arrive in Vilnius by air don't ask the Mabre Hotel to order a taxi for you as they use the most expensive Vilnius taxi company, rather pre-book a Vilnius taxi online. If you need a taxi from the hotel ask the reception to call a different taxi company – not the one they use.

Facilities at Mabre Hotel, VilniusAlthough there is free in room WiFi there is no computer for public use so if you haven't brought your own laptop you won't have access to the net. When the hotel is not too busy the reception will let you use their office computer to go online. Try asking them if you can use the computer in the late evening.

There is a luxurious sauna, small pool, shower and bathroom facilities available for private use. This compact spa unit is not open for general use but can be hired for 15 Euros an hour (not per person, per hour). The spa unit is open until 10pm and needs to be booked an hour in advance. I recommend booking the last hour (9-10pm) of the night as then the hotel staff lets you take your time and there is no pressure of other guests waiting to use the spa. There is music, towels, robes and complementary drinks in the spa unit.

As the hotel Mabre building surrounds an open courtyard there are several entrances for the various blocks of rooms. If you are planning on using the spa ask for a room in the 3011-3022 building as that is where the spa is housed and you won't have to run across the courtyard in your robe to get back to your room!

Rooms in Mabre Hotel, Vilnius

There is only one room in the Mabre Hotel with handicap access and I don't recommend this hotel if you are in a wheelchair. There are small steps in most of the public areas, you would need to cross the courtyard (going up and down a few small stairs) to get to the dining room or reception and once in the dining room there are more stairs.

mabre hotel vilnius

The rooms in the Mabre Hotel vary considerably in size. The suits (deluxe, Executive and Presidential) consist of a large lounge with a fold out sofa if you are traveling with kids, and a good sized bedroom and bathroom. The suit is really huge and luxurious. One the other end of the scale the single rooms are small, in fact there is very little room to even get around the bed and there is a shower, with no bath. However the Mabre Hotel is very generous with their upgrades if there is room singles are automatically upgraded to a small double. The small double is also a tight fit but with a double bed. If you send the hotel an email after making your booking and request a romantic room for your anniversary or their best room for your rate because of a celebration of some kind then they will upgrade. Other than that don't hesitate to ask for an upgrade when you arrive at the Mabre.

The furniture and fixtures are elegant and plush, everything is kept in good condition both in the hotel rooms and public areas.

The public areas and staff at the Mabre Hotel, VilniusThere is no lobby to hang out in and the reception area is practical only for consulting with the reception staff not for waiting. The dining area doubles as a restaurant and this perhaps is the place you would go to if you needed to kill some time. The dining room is atmospheric with bare brick walls and arched ceilings coupled with heavy wooden beams.

Both the reception staff and restaurant staff are polite and helpful.

Food at the Mabre Hotel, VilniusI found the food at the Mabre Hotel tasty and the menu varied, the breakfast buffet gives a selection of hot and cold typical breakfast fare. There are also a couple of vegetarian options on the dinner menu.

For other excellent restaurants try Sue's Indian Restaurant opposite the Cathedral or for a light meal mix with the locals at the Pink Milkshake.

mabre hotel vilnius

Prices at the Mabre Hotel, VilniusDon't book a room at the Mabre Hotel before you have checked the prices at Hotels Combined. I booked a double room (which was upgraded to a huge suit) on Hotels Combined for 50 Euros ($68) a night and the hotel's advertised rate is 149Euro ($203)! The price includes breakfast and VAT.

Mabre Hotel, Vilnius deserves all the glowing reports it receives online, you won't be disappointed if you choose this Vilnius hotel.