The Hospital Management Project

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The Hospital Management project can help a Hospital to have an efficient, fast and reliable management system that can do all the manual work with ease and in much less time without any errors.

The Hospital Management project has been implemented using the facilities required for creating any Software for computerizing the functioning of a hospital. This project is has been designed using a very popular and powerful language named Visual Basic. The whole world has changed a lot after the advent of computer. It has made our life easier.

It can help a hospital to have an efficient, fast and reliable management system that can do all the manual work with ease and in much less time without any errors. An attractive, simple and user friendly graphical interface makes it self-explanatory and easy to use.

Every organization wants to have it computerized save time and money. It has increased the efficiency of work many folds. This project also serves the same purpose designed to suite a hospital having large number of patients, which is difficult to be managed manually.

Objectives of Hospital Management

1. Providing Adequate Security of Data:

In the existing system, since the records are maintained manually in different registers, no provision of security is available in the existing system. So a provision of adequate security is the current requirement, which fulfilled by existing system.

2. Efficiently extract useful information in right format:

Useful information like issued quantity, and stock details, damaged item can be efficiently extract in proper format with all the required specifications.

3. Making a User Friendly System:

The proposed system aims at providing a user friendly system with the user doing the least work and the system providing all the related information for updating. The new software provides easy to use windows graphical user interface.

4. Minimize redundancy through normalization of data:

The proposed system aims at minimizing redundancy through normalization of data since data related categories of patient’s information, lab test reports, medicine reports etc is stored at different places.

5. Making data retrieval fast:

Since the proposed does not involve record maintenance in different registers, so the procedure of data retrieval becomes much faster as compared to manual procedures of retrieving the required information etc. More reliability and reduced paper work: since most of the work is done in the proposal system, it aims at providing more reliability of data and also paper work is reduced to a great extend.

6. Reduce The Cost Of Maintaining The System:

The proposed system aims at reducing the cost of malignancy of the system as now, information related to various aspects is not stored in different registers, but on just one system.