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Homer Simpson: Pop Culture Icon Part Two of Three

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Homer Jay Simpson is the perfect reflection of American pop culture and has shaped culture for the past twenty years. From his famous “d’oh!” exclamation to his round bellied figure, Homer has epitomized what it means to be a working class Ame

Through time periods The Simpsons has reflected the views and attitudes of history like Homer’s rebellious mom during the 1960’s, the moon landing, and presidential elections. Homer lives through the same situations we do and shares some of the frustrations of life’s regulations and red tape. He is forced to work under a grueling and evil boss with a less than luxurious car in a city filled with crime and a country in periodic turmoil. Yet he finds ways to teach morals and learn lessons in deeper glimpses through a loving man on the inside.

Homer reflects the father who fails to fulfill the endless obligations and responsibilities of fatherhood but finds a way to keep the family unit together and happy. In the first Christmas episode of the Simpsons Homer does not receive a holiday bonus and can not afford to get his kids the gifts they want for Christmas. He struggles amidst all of the consumerism of being able to provide shiny presents under the tree. Homer gambles away what little he had at the dog track and ended up bringing home a displaced racing greyhound that becomes the new family dog Santa’s Little Helper. Many families can share the feelings and emotions of shortages in money and finding ways to bring happiness and a sense of family to the home without the traditional means of consumerism.

Homer is also the low point of every American. There is also a very shallow side to Homer. Homer has a voracious appetite and is the ideal American consumer. His mouth waters at the drop of a commercial for any eating establishment. He spends money on a whim for junk foods of all times. He gambles on football and skips church. He stays in his underpants on lazy days. He looks for any excuse to skip work. Homer Simpson tries to get out of his work’s mandatory fitness sessions by purposely gaining weight in order to be considered disabled. He eats everything he has ever wanted with the help of Bart, despite the wishes of Lisa and Marge.

I can easily recall a dozen moments of classic Homer moments that remind me of how great a show "The Simpsons" was to create such awesome and memorable charactors.  Read on in part three of this series to learn more.


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Posted on Apr 16, 2011

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