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Homejoy vs Handy vs Bid My Cleaning: Home Cleaning Services Compared

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HomeJoy is an effective choice for those who want reassurances about quality due to their certification requirements. Handy is ideal for people who need last second service due to Handy’s next-day feature. Bid My Cleaning is more suited for those who ne

The wonders of the Internet mean that it’s now easy to find people to do just about anything you need done these days. An example of this is home cleaning services. Here are a few home cleaning services including how each one compares to the others in a number of different categories.


HomeJoy is a home cleaning site for booking appointments that’s been endorsed by places like TechCrunch, the Huffington Post and Forbes.


  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee-HomeJoy’s policy means that if you aren’t satisfied with the cleaning that’s been done, they will actually come back and re-clean it for you without any extra cost. It’ll be free if this happens.
  • All Supplies and Equipment Brought by HomeJoy-This means you don’t have to do a lot of planning ahead of time to provide cleaning materials, equipment or other supplies which is both wasteful your bank account and to your time.
  • All Cleaners Get Background Check-Every cleaner that works with HomeJoy also has certification in addition to the background check.
  • Easy Online Booking-One plus about HomeJoy is that you can book appointments online simply by clicking the big “Book Appointment” button right on the main page. There are quite a few details you can add to the booking request.
  • Detailed Booking Request Instructions-You can specify how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have, for example. You can also specify how many cleaning hours are needed, what pets you have, and whether you have carpeting.
  • Norton and Comodo Secured-HomeJoy secures your private information with two SSL certificate services including Norton and Comodo.


Handy also has convenient web design with a big blue button for “Book a Cleaning” right on the main page. The site has been reviewed by sites like Tech Crunch and the New York Times.


  • Frequent Deal Offers- Handy frequently offers short term deals such as getting the first 2 hour cleaning for $39 instead of $70, but only if you act before a timer winds down.
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee-Handy will give you your money back if you don’t like the results of a cleaning.
  • Next-Day Availability-You can book online appointments in under 60 seconds and you can even book appointments for tomorrow if there’s still room.
  • Handy App-You can get an app for free that works with iOS. You can pay for service right from your phone.
  • Availability in More Than 20 Cities-Handy isn’t everywhere, but it’s in many places, so it’s worth checking.

Bid My Cleaning

Bid My Cleaning is different since they allow you to choose what cleaning bid you want. You can call for help at 1-866-260-3180.


  • Extensive Cleaning Information-There’s a lot of free info on the site like how to approach eco-friendly cleaning, for example.
  • GoDaddy SSL Security-Bid My Cleaning has an SSL seal from GoDaddy that uses 256-bit encryption which is military grade.
  • 24/7 Appointments-You can book an appointment for literally any day and any hour depending on availability. This is a bonus because many other sites only allow certain hours and not like at 2 in the morning on a Tuesday.
  • Schedule Far in Advance-You can use the calendar feature on the site to schedule cleanings far in advance and automatically. For example, if you need a yearly carpet cleaning, you can set that up automatically far ahead of time by using this feature.
  • Eco-friendly Cleaning-You can actually select for the cleaner to use eco-friendly materials only if this is something you want.

Head to Head


The “Forever Clean” membership from HomeJoy starts off at 1 month for $20 per hour and a $60 activation fee.  You can do 2 months for the same rate with $120 activation fee, or 3 months with a $180 activation fee. The 3 month approach gets you priority customer service as well. If you want extra stuff like laundry service, the inside of windows, walls, the inside of cabinets, the inside of your refrigerator or an oven cleaning, this will all be extra.

You have to pay for at least 2 hours at Handy. The extras add a half hour of cleaning time, and you pay per the hour. This price can apparently vary widely between different markets.

Instead of one service only on the site, you get bids from multiple cleaning services based on where you are and what type of service you need. For example, one bid on the site for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in Boston that needs heavy cleaning got a big for $267 if you need it monthly. This is for a full cleaning of course. If the cleaning isn’t heavy, it would be closer to $160 without any extras. If there are multiple bids, you can choose the best one.

The site with the best price is going to be very dependent on your specific situation. If your house can be cleaned in just 4 hours, than Homejoy is only going to cost you $140 total, which would be less than one particular bid from Bid My Cleaning, for example.


HomeJoy is one of the more well-known services, and they have mixed reviews online. The type of cleaning you get varies based on which cleaner it is. They really do seem to follow up on their “100%” satisfaction guarantee though, since they frequently respond to poor customer reviews with offers of extra cleaning.

Handy claims 24/7 customer support but doesn’t have ready information on how to contact them. You likely have to do so through their app or after logging in. They have features related directly to speedy cleaning such as next-day appointment setting and their appointment booking app and online mechanism. Apparently, you can book in about 60 seconds according to the site. You likely need to know what you want exactly beforehand to make it go so fast though.

Bid My Cleaning gives you more flexibility since you can choose what service bids you want to go with. It also has flexibility in terms of hourly scheduling as well.


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