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Home Remedies for Poor Circulation of the Legs and Feet

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When blocked (furred up) arteries cause poor circulation in the legs and feet, walking becomes a problem.

When blocked (furred up) arteries cause poor circulation in the legs and feet, walking becomes a problem. Typically, calf or thigh pain in the affected leg consistently halts the walker after, a short distance, and the person is obliged to rest until the pain-provoking lactic acid in the affected muscles has dispersed or subsided. Normally, this is removed by veins draining the area.


- Deep thigh or calf muscle pain brought on by exercise.

- Pain relieved by rest.

- The foot of the affected leg may be pale and chilly.

- Extremities always seem cold, especially in bed at night.


For poor circulation in the legs and feet, a naturopathic practitioner would employ hydrotherapy (warm and alternating cold and warm foot baths), massage, and vibratory stimulation (electric foot bath massager), dietary and exercise advice, and weight reduction where applicable.

Specific dietary supplements include antioxidant vitamins and minerals: A (beta-carotene), vitamin B-complex, vitamin C with bioflavonoids and vitamin E, plus selenium, magnesium, calcium and zinc.

Valerian is best known for its mild sedative properties, but it also relaxes blood vessel spasm, and may be prescribed for mild cases of small artery disease as part of a comprehensive treatment program. Red clover relieves smooth muscle spasm in both lower-leg arterioles (tiny arteries) and the air tubes of the lungs. It is also a powerful antioxidant, promoting tissue strength and repair, helping to protect blood vessels from further damage.

To promote good circulation, add a few drops of these essences to a warm (not hot) bath, or to massage oil: lemon cypress, lavender. Oil of wintergreen can also be massaged onto cold feet and cramping calves, as it boosts local blood flow (avoid any areas of broken skin).

Surgery is usually necessary to restore poor circulation caused by clogged major arteries. A diseased artery may be replaced with a refashioned vein from the patient’s body; or the atheromatous plaque blocking it may be compressed using a small blown-up balloon inside the vessel and sometimes a stent (a spring-like device) inserted to keep the cleared route open.


- Follow diet advised for healthy arteries.

- Take regular weight-bearing exercise.

- Stop smoking.

- Avoid being overweight.


- Report troublesome symptoms to your doctor.

- Don’t assume your arteries are diseased – you may just have Raynaud’s phenomenon.

- Don’t try to push yourself through calf pain triggered by walking – you need medical attention.

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