Home Remedies and Cures for Sunburn

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Sun exposure is healthy for the body because it helps build vitamin D, which is known to fight cancer deaths, but too much of sun exposure could cause suntan or sunburn . There are a number of home remedies to treat sunburn. Aloe Vera is one of the best h

Sunburn is literally a burn on your skin. Sunburn is caused by the inflammation of the skin due to excessive exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The consequence of this burn is inflammation of the skin. Injury can start within 30 minutes of exposure. The main symptoms of sunburn are pain, redness, blister, and irritation. Peeling of the skin will usually happen about a week after the sunburn. There are a number of home remedies to treat sunburn.

Sunburn Home Remedies

After exposing your skin to excessive sunlight and treating the skin as badly as possible, all that you can think of about taking care of your skin is sunburn remedies. Some homemade natural remedies are helpful in preventing burning sensation. Following are some sunburn home remedies that will help in relieving the pain, burning sensation, and peeling:

Soaking in an herbal bath can help in greatly reducing the amount of pain you are feeling and help aid in healing. If you soak in a tub filled with a strong chamomile tea or add chamomile oil to your bath water, not only it will sooth the burned skin, but also helps healing it.

Aloe Vera is one of the best home remedies for sunburn. It is a natural and soothing treatment option for sunburn and suntan. Just pluck a few leaves of the plant, mash them, and mix with lemon juice. Apply all over the affected areas. It cleanses, clears, and nourishes the skin. Aloe Vera will soothe your skin and keep it moisturized.

Apple cider vinegar is also a great cure for suntans and sunburns. Apply apple cider vinegar to the sunburned area using a cotton ball, or make a cooling compress for a large area to reduce the pain. Keep the damaged skin well moisturized. This home remedy will prevent peeling and blistering.

Apply peppermint oil to the sunburned skin. Peppermint wash also helps in soothing the inflammation.

Cucumber also provides a soothing and cooling effect. Rub sunburned area with fresh cucumber slices. Alternatively, you may mix cucumber juice and milk and apply to your face to relive the burning sensation and puffiness caused because of sunburn.

Yoghurt is another effective home remedy for sunburn. Apply plain yoghurt straight on the sunburned area and leave it for some minutes. Then rinse it off with cool water.

A combination of lime and honey is useful in treating sunburn. Applying a combination of lemon juice and honey over the sunburned or tanned skin areas will help to lighten and soothe the skin.

Applying cold water or ice to the affected area is beneficial. This will stop the burning process and cool the skin.

Even a cold bath or shower may help ease the pain of sunburn. Take cold water in a container and add a few drops of rose water in it. Have a refreshing bath. This will act as a good sunburn reliever in the summer.

small slices  of potato can be applied  to the sunburned area. This will help to cure inflammation from sunburn.

You can also apply  sandalwood  paste to get rid of burning sensation.

Milk is a good home remedy for curing sunburn. To get relief, apply on affected area using a cotton or cloth.

Rub slices of tomato if the sunburn has affected your cheeks and the areas under your eyes.

Using cold tea bags will remove tanning from the sunburns.

Make a paste with turmeric, barley and yogurt taken in equal proportions. Apply this paste over the affected areas for quick relief.

Take bath using cold water and add a few drops of sandalwood oil. This will cool down, relieve the sunburned skin, and keep a healthy balance of your body.

Apply lemon juice with cold water to affect. The lemon will cool the burn, act as a disinfectant, and will reduce burning sensation.

It is essential to drink plenty of water to restore body fluids, because when you have been out in the heat and sun for long periods, the body quickly loses water. Eat fresh fruits that contain high amount of water content like oranges, sweet limes, and watermelons.

Sun exposure is healthy for the body because it helps build vitamin D, which is known to fight cancer deaths, but too much of sun exposure could cause suntan or sunburn. Sun exposure and sunburns cause premature wrinkles and early aging, sagging, and brown sunspots. Repeated sunburns may raise the threat of skin cancer in the burned area.

When it comes to sunburn, prevention is the most important step you can take. To avoid overexposure to the sun, stay out of direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day, 10 in the morning to three in the afternoon when the sun is the strongest. However, since most of us will experience sunburn from time to time regardless of the protective measures we take, the above home remedies that may provide at least some relief from sunburn.


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