Home Pedicure Tips: How to Do a Spa Pedicure at Home

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Our feet bear our entire weight for all our lives. Placed at the bottom they are usually neglected the most, our face taking precedence over the rest of the body. That is why you have more beauty products in the market that are used for beautifying the face than anything else in comparison.

It is indeed very important to take care for your feet. Read on to learn the tips on how to do a spa pedicure at home. You can very easily pamper your feet every fortnight sitting in the confines of your home. Before you start make sure to remove the nail paint with an acetone free remover.

What you need

All you will need is small plastic tub, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ammonia (easily available at the pharmacy),exfoliating foot scrub, pumice stone, cold cream, table sea salt, foot file, shampoo, nail buffer, rose petals, nail kit and nail paint.

Home pedicure procedure: Simply follow the tips to do a spa pedicure at home and then flaunt your soft and supple feet throughout the summer season.

Warm Water Preparation

Fill the tub with warm water and not hot water or you will very easily burn your skin. Next add about two tablespoons of sea salt to the water followed by some rose petals if available to give you that extra softness and of course a spa like feeling. 15 drops of ammonia, 20 drops of hydrogen peroxide and one pouch of shampoo to the water will make it easy for the dirt to disintegrate from your heels and inner nails.

Soak your feet

While you are soaking your feet enjoy some good music, or go through a magazine or better still sip on your favourite green tea. After having soaked your feet for about 15 minutes just scrub your feet with the scrub using a foot file or pumice stone. Don’t do this too vigorously.

Trim your nails

Cut your nails short by using a nail cutter or scissors. Remember to cut your nails straight and file them in a square shape, not in an oval shape or you can easily suffer from ingrown nails.

Cleaning procedure

Apply a dot of cold cream on each nail and push down the cuticles gently with a cuticle pusher. You can remove the dry skin on either side of the nails with a cuticle cutter moving from inward to outward. Having cleaned the feet just rinse your feet with fresh water and pat them dry with a towel.


Take a generous portion of cold cream or foot cream and massage your feet giving special attention to the toes and the soul. After about 15 minutes of massing the feet just pat them dry once again removing the extra cream.

Apply nail paint

Now you are ready to apply your favourite nail paint. The trick to avoid nail paint from sticking to your toes is to place cotton buds between the toes. Apply two coats of paint for better results. Do let the first coat of paint dry so that you do not end up with chipped nail paint. And voila your feet are ready to bear your weight and also garner some compliments from friends. Twinkle Toes, your spa pedicure at home is over.

So what are you waiting for? Get set to spend some time to pamper your feet. Follow these home pedicure tips and the result is as impressive as a spa pedicure.


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