Hollywood Celebrities Who Bleach Their Skin White

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I couldn't believe how many celebrities there were out there in Hollywood who literally had a different color skin a few years ago. It's like they've literally gone from black to white, as publicly and obviously as Michael Jackson, but nobody really seems

I've been doing some research into Hollywood celebrities who use a cream to bleach their skin white, and I can't believe how many huge stars there are that have had this treatment done. 

Obviously Michael Jackson was the most famous example of someone who very publicly changed from black to white overnight, but there are many other very famous celebrities who have made a similar change, even while famous, yet nobody really seemed to pick up on it. 

The first famous celebrity I have to show you is Nicki Minaj. Here is a before and after shot of her which clearly shows the effect of the skin bleaching treatment she has had done. 

Nicki Minaj


Here is a before and after shot that clearly shows that Beyonce is whitening her skin. She turned from black to white while being famous and appearing all over the place, but not many people seemed to notice. 


This photo shows the before and after of Rihanna's skin bleaching treatment. There are other earlier photos of her which show her as even more dark skinned, and illustrate the dramatic transition even more. 

How To Bleach Your Skin Safely

It's not always a good idea to take the advice of a doctor or plastic surgeon when doing a procedure like skin bleaching.

There are products out there that have chemicals in them which have bad side effects, or that are proven to be poisonous. Some brands contain hydroquinone or even mercury, and these are harmful or can even be deadly when used for long periods of time. 

The nature of these creams is that you do have to use them for long periods of time if you want the results to remain permanent. 

It's important that you understand what sort of results you can expect, and it's not easy to learn everything you need to know about skin lightening from one article. 

For example, there are many different chemicals that can be used in different combinations in a skin bleaching product, such as arubin, glycolic acid, kojic acid, sepiwhite FSH, and many others. 

It's possible to give a general idea of which ones are safe enough to use for a long period of time if used according to the right instructions, but everyone is an individual, and as such individuals may get varying results. 

Basically, you should avoid the hydroquinone cream, and the ones containing mercury, and you should do some careful research on the company that makes the product to see that there are no complaints of side effects or problems. 

Google can help you figure that out, just keep searching, and learn as much as you can before deciding on any particular product. You can't believe everything you read. 

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Reha Shaikh
Posted on Sep 4, 2014