Holland Lop and French Lop Rabbits Make Great House Pets

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Holland lop and French lop rabbits make great house pets. They can be litter box trained. They are both very loving and affectionate. The Holland lop is smaller and lives longer the French lop. It is said the French lop will die of a broken heart if h

The Holland lop rabbit and the French lop rabbit is very similar but very different in size.  The Holland lop rabbit usually grows to weigh about 4 pounds and they are the smallest of the lop breeds.  Its small size, gentle disposition and amazing cuteness make it a very popular pet rabbit.  They are also very popular as house rabbits.

The Holland lop rabbit is very social and likes to be included in all family activities.  They love to play and they have a very good disposition at all times.

Holland lop rabbits are small but they have strong bones, short front legs and a short body.  If you decide on Holland, lop rabbit as a pet you will have several colors to choose from.

Holland lops are usually very loveable and they are curious, love to play and find some attention.  They will do great with a family that entertains them with toys and fun games.  Holland lops do not show any signs of aggression but there are exception to everything.  Holland lops usually live to be around 10 years old if they are properly cared for.

The French lop rabbit is much larger than the Holland lop.  They are the largest species of lop rabbit.  Their life span is around 5 years, which is only half as long as the Holland lops.

The French lop is a clown in the rabbit world.  They perform comical antics that have made them loved by many people all over the world.  These antics have named them “the clown of the bunnies.” 

The French lop has a loving  personality.  French lops are considered by some to be more loving and easiest to handle of all the lop rabbits.  The French lop can be housebroken and they do well with other pets.  They do very well when kept as house pets.

French lops have different feeding requirements then Holland lops.  French lops must have an organized feeding schedule.  You must feed them a well-balanced dry commercial rabbit food.  Rabbits have delicate stomachs so they should be fed their rabbit food and nothing else.

The Holland lops and French lop will both make great pets for the right person.  They are both loving and devoted pets that love attention and playtime with their owner.  If you decide you want a pet rabbit you can check out the pet stores as they often have baby rabbits that will make great pets.