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History and Future of Three Dimensional Television, 3D Media, and Safety Part Four

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From the mold shattering engineering of William Friese-Greene to the competitive onslaught of the world’s leading television and camera manufacturers, 3D television has become among the fastest growing sectors of media development.

Price Drops as Sales Rise

The premiere of home televisions in 3D like many technologies were extremely expensive and commonly found in the $5,00 price range. The price of 3DTVs have dropped drastically over the past five years. Prices today continue to reach progressively lower points as the price of the technology decreases and greater quantities are produced. new methods of projecting images for less costly processes are also being engineered to bring the entire cost of production down. Tigerdirect.com is one of the top retailers of electronics and appliances on the internet and is based out of Illinois. he loss leader price for a Mitsubishi 60” television with 3d ready capabilities is $699. This incredible price is also tax free and shows how affordable these televisions have become.


Engineers currently face the issue of safety with 3DTVs. Recent research and subsequent regulations regarding children age eight and under watching three dimensional projections on television. Nintendo is the latest of the corporations to place warnings restricting young children from watching these three dimensional games because of possible damage to the eyesight of children. The additional warning from Nintendo instructs all players of the 3D version of their portable DS console to “take a break at least every thirty minutes to avoid eye fatigue (Poulter).” Engineers will have to try and further the research and development in three dimensional projections that will be less tiring on the eyes and remove the potential for damage of the current popular modes of 3D.

The discomfort of watching three dimensional images for some of the consumer population is another issue that has to be addressed. Some people simply do not feel good after or during 3DTV viewing. Overcoming the negative exposure and past history is a difficult endeavor and something that engineers can try and mend in the future.

Public Perception

It is now largely the responsibility of marketers and Hollywood to produce enough three dimensional content for it to be deemed worthy to purchased 3D capable televisions. Personal reservations over my ocular health and the number of films that I would want to watch in 3D limit my interest and make me question the lasting impact 3D television might have. I find it more if a passing fad. Still, enough momentum is building with the numerous new products coming to marketing in the next eighteen months.

Future Engineering and Consumer Base

One of the popular features of modern theme parks is the inclusion of a four dimensional show. This is really a combination of three dimensional short films with live action performers among the audience and the addition of both climate and motion control of the seats of the audience. Engineers trigger cold or hot spells of wind and motion of chairs to coincide with the actions on the screen.

Through a long speculation period developers have now brought a lot of force behind the 3DTV movement. Three dimensional media is no doubt one of the fastest growing sectors of media development. Philips is perhaps the only major television producer planning to have a 3DTV out in 2011 that will not create the need for glasses. These televisions are planing to be released worldwide. As Toshiba, Vizio, and Philips lead the innovations of 3DTVs, perhaps more competition will drive better technology to make the success of three dimensional television less a barrier for marketing to carry and more a sense of quality product that can motivate its own consumer base to push the technology to the next level of acceptance and production. If the competition between companies can create a more efficient services we may see 3D become one component that will be included in all furture television sets.

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Posted on Apr 22, 2011
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Posted on Apr 21, 2011

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