HERE vs. Sygic vs. Navmii vs. Google Maps: Best Map Services Compared

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Here Maps is ideal for using offline since you can get full maps on physical media like DVDs. Sygic is the way to go if you’re worried about speed traps, since this is emphasized on the app. Navmii will work if you like viewing information in more of a

Trying to get where you want to go is much easier when you have an online map and GPS service to help you out. These services have gone through great strides recently, and they have more accuracy and more features than ever. Here are a few GPS and map services with a side by side comparison of them.

Here Maps

Here Maps gives you a navigation system that you can put right under your rear view mirror to give you help when navigating around the world.


  • Constantly Optimized Routing-The updates for the Here maps come constantly in order to continually give you new information about routes that are more accurate.
  • Multiple Update Methods-You can update your maps through USB stick, SD card or DVD. This works well if you have an older system that’s not Internet-ready in your car.
  • Full Offline Maps-You can navigate wherever you want to even when you don’t have access to the Internet, which can be a problem sometimes with Google Maps, for example, depending on the version.


Sygic is a popular map solution used by more than 150 million drivers. You can see an animated version of how the map works right from the main site.


  • Apps Available for Windows Phone-There’s also the standard Android and Apple versions, of course, but it’s somewhat uncommon to have a Windows Phone app too.
  • Live Updates from 400 Million Drivers-Enough drivers are giving data to Sygic so that they can give a real-time accurate version of current traffic conditions to your phone.
  • 30,000 Speed Camera and Speed Limit Warnings-These warnings are updated daily in order to make it easier for you to route your commute or other trips around traps and limits.



Navmii puts little cartoon icons on your screen to make it more fun to look at while your navigating. It’s a bit like Waze in this way.


  • Blackberry World Support-You can get the app for your BlackBerry as well as for your Windows Phone or Android and Apple. This is even more unusual than just Windows Phone.
  • Driver Score-The private dashboard on your app gives you information about your personal driving including performance, a history of your driving locations, mileage, and others. It will also give you a “driver score” out of 10.
  • Cartoon Aesthetic-If you’re someone who’s sick of the same old interface for all apps, you might like Navmii because it puts little cartoon icons on the screen to show where other users are and where you are. It also uses these icons for various events.

Google Maps


Google Maps is easily the most famous map service around. It comes standard with many devices, including most Android phones.


  • User Friendly-Google Maps is easy to use because it’s highly intuitive. If you’ve never used a map service before, you can make the app work fairly easily.
  • Google Earth Integration-If you click on the globe icon on a map, you can see a topographical representation of the area to give you a better idea of what it looks like beyond just symbolic markings.
  • Street View-If you drag the icon of a little man to a particular area, you can activate the street view, which gives you the ability to look around in all directions as if you were actually there, at street level.

Head to Head


Here Maps lets you buy complete maps for the year on their site in multiple different mediums such as DVD, USB sticks, and others. That’s what makes them effective for offline map situations.

Sygic has special features like a projected Heads Up Display specifically for night driving. It can be harder to see the display at night, so this can help. If you have a Windows Phone, you often have limited options for maps, but Sygic has an app available here. The constant warnings about speed traps and limits make it an excellent app for those worried about constantly changing conditions, especially compared to Here Maps, which focuses more on full map updates on a yearly basis.

Navmii actually offers an app from BlackBerry World as well as Apple, Google, and Windows Phones, so it’s the widest in terms of coverage. This is more of a fun app with cartoon icons to represent everything.

Google Maps is definitely ideal for beginning users since it’s intuitive and it’s everywhere. It’s basically been proven to be easy to pick up, whereas the others may be a bit trickier to understand, especially Here Maps, where you get full map uploads from external sources. Going with Google Maps also works better if you need fine detail of topographical items since the other options don’t have this as much. The info about speed maps and traps isn’t emphasized on Google Maps either, the way it is on Sygic, for example.


Here Maps is free to use with various Android and iPhone maps. Full map updates for offline use can vary in price depending on the model. For example, a Honda Accord 2011 DVD update for 2017 costs $150. You can get 3 years of updates for $250. This is the real advantage of Here Maps, the ability to use while totally offline, though it is expensive sometimes.

Sygic costs $25 for map updates, HUD option, voice guided navigation and more. This is the premium license for lifetime. The “Premium + Traffic” version is $30 for Lifetime traffic reports as well. This is a contrast to Here Maps where you have to constantly buy new DVDs for offline maps. It’s possible to get map updates for free on Here, but not offline like you can with Sygic.

Navmii is free to use with no caveats. It appears to be ad supported, however, so this could be a consideration since the other options that are more paid often don’t have this.

Google Maps is also free to use, but again, it also has limited offline options. You have to download each section separately. This makes it less useful for certain operations than other services.