Herbal Remedies After Childbirth

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Shepherd's purse herb reduces post-partum bleeding from the womb. It is a blood coagulant. Begin with only 8-10 drops of the tincture. Place it under the tongue. This will stop post-partum hemorrhage. If needed, take more.

Expel Afterbirth


Angelica root is a powerful uterine stimulant. It helps expel the retained placenta; also if a miscarriage accidentally occurs during the pregnancy, taking angelica will help complete it. It is a good uterine stimulant and helps bring on menstrual cycles. Take 8-10 drops of the tincture. Hold them under the tongue (sublingually) and let them absorb. Start with the lowest dosage and repeat if necessary.

Caution: Some are sensitive to this herb. Do not take large doses. It can affect blood pressure and the heart.

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Roberta Baxter
Posted on May 18, 2011