Heavy Feet Syndrome: Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Heaviness, Tiredness and Pain in Your Legs

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Heavy feet syndrome is a common ailment, people suffer from this condition irrespective of their level of activities. Let us have a look at why heavy feet syndrome occurs and how can it be cured naturally.

Heavy feet syndrome is a common ailment, people suffering from this condition irrespective of the level of activities they undertake. Heaviness in legs quite often occurs temporarily. If the heavy feeling happens concurrently, seek medical attention immediately. Let us have a look at why heavy feet syndrome occurs and how can it be cured naturally.

What is heavy feet syndrome?

If you feel heaviness in your legs that restrict your movement or cause pain while moving, this syndrome is popularly known as heavy feet syndrome. There are many reasons like nil or excess activity, disturbances in blood circulation and few diseases cause heaviness and tiring feeling in the legs.

Why does heavy feet syndrome occur?

There are key reasons behind why heavy feet syndrome occurs.

  • Disturbance in blood circulation due to long hours of keeping legs at a single position like standing or sitting
  • Obesity also causes heaviness, tired feeling and pain in your legs
  • Pregnancy is one of the common reasons for women to get heavy leg syndrome
  • Athletes or sportsmen suffer from heavy feet syndrome quite often due to fatigued calves
  • Excessively doing exercises or newly starting workouts cause heavy leg syndrome due to sudden change in the blood circulation
  • Check whether you have iron, magnesium or folate deficiencies. These deficiencies cause heaviness and pain in the legs
  • At times, stress also causes heaviness and tiredness in legs

Symptoms of heavy feet syndrome

Legs with heavy feet syndrome will commonly have these below symptoms.

  • Heaviness
  • Ache and heavy pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling

Natural remedies to cure heavy feet syndrome

You can get rid of heavy feet syndrome by following certain natural remedies or techniques.

  • Massage the swelling or heavy area in your legs. This will help you to get relieved from the pain caused by heavy feet syndrome
  • Try to change the position as often as possible so that blood circulation is under control. At times, job requirements like standing (retail jobs) or sitting (drivers) for longer hours cause heavy feet syndrome. In such cases, frequently changing positions help to get rid of this condition
  • Are you pregnant? Keep your legs at the elevated position to reduce the heaviness in your legs
  • Are you an obese person? Take serious steps towards losing your weight
  • Anti inflammatory medications like Bengay or Zandu balm help to decrease the inflammation and in turn cure heavy feet syndrome
  • If you are suffering from iron, magnesium or folate deficiencies, start taking supplements to avoid heaviness in your legs
  • Practice stress relieving exercises like yoga, meditation or breathing techniques regularly

Life style change is an important aspect in getting rid of heavy feet syndrome. If the symptoms still persist after trying all these natural remedies, get advice from your medical practitioner immediately. A few diseases like chronic veinous insufficiency, (commonly known as CVI) causes heaviness, ache and tiredness in the legs.


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